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Cut lip

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Singingintherain123 · 16/04/2021 20:19

Sorry just posting here for traffic or in case anyone knows any tips!Blush

Feel like such an idiot for even asking this but I don’t know what to do! I’ve managed to cut my lip open in 2 places- I think my tooth went through my lip but I’m not actually sure, my teeth are fine though. I’m a clumsy idiot and it was completely my own fault! Grin It bled like crazy for the first while but now it’s stopped bleeding, however the main cut is vertical up my lip and everytime I talk or open my mouth it bursts open again and starts bleeding like a fountain.

It’s only a little cut (about half a cm) so not worth going to out of hours/ the hospital about, but at the same time I don’t know what to put on it so I can open my mouth without it bursting and pouring blood again.

Is there any creams I could get to put on it that would help? Or am I better just to leave it be to heal and not put anything on it? I know there’s liquid plasters and stuff for skin cuts but not sure if there’s anything available for lips

Thanks in advance for the help x

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