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Barely anything on the walls

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Brushupanddown · 16/04/2021 18:29

Inspired by another thread
Do you have many/any pictures on your walls? Looking around, we have four and they’re kind of crappy, I don’t know what the point of them really is, I don’t want them there. Would it be odd to have literally no pictures on the walls in my house? 🤷🏻‍♀️

OP posts:
Turquoisa80 · 17/04/2021 08:36

I love artwork, I have abstract floral prints, large colourful embroideries and posters up everywhere in my house. I just like looking at them but I can understeer stand the minimalist look too as that can be calming too. It's different for everyone I suppose

GOODCAT · 17/04/2021 08:39

Judging by quite a few houses up for sale on rightmove, you are not alone. It depends on the house and the furniture you have too though. Some places have enough tall furniture or are pretty small anyway so the house doesn't end up with vast expanses of bare wall.

My personal preference is to have stuff on walls as it gives more interest even though everything else is pretty minimalist. My favourite house that is up for sale near me and is on rightmove does have stuff on walls not overcrowded but just somehow pulls the house together. I would love to get my house like that!

EastWestWhosBest · 17/04/2021 08:40


Inspired by another thread
Do you have many/any pictures on your walls? Looking around, we have four and they’re kind of crappy, I don’t know what the point of them really is, I don’t want them there. Would it be odd to have literally no pictures on the walls in my house? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have no pictures on my walls.
I’ve never found anything I like enough. I grew up in a house with a huge amount of original art on the walls (no photos) and I got bored of them. The same picture has been over the mantle in my mothers house since the 80s.

I always plan to get some but I’ve never found anything I like. I don’t like photos on the wall
SinkGirl · 17/04/2021 08:56

We have a lot of artwork on the walls, and a few photos. Quite a few pieces are my paper cut artwork, after keeping them away in portfolios for ages I finally got around to hanging them but they’re quite minimal.

Currently working on a very detailed map of London which will probably end up on our wall too as I already love it too much to sell it 😬

EllaPaella · 17/04/2021 09:52

I have quite a lot of art work on my walls, a large framed photo collage and several large mirrors.
The art work I have is all personal to me, something I have chosen that has a meaning to me.
The kids also have framed posters and prints in their rooms.
I don't think there's anything odd about having plain walls but I do love looking what other people have on their walls as it often reveals a bit of their personality.

LaurieSchafferIsAllBitterNow · 17/04/2021 18:13

I have a wall I papered with old maps and that has small white framed photos of days out on it.

Colour themed plates in the kitchen....just charity shop stuff

Big canvas from a photo I took of the aurora locally

Only other things on the walls are mirrors. I love the vintage-y ones and have loads of different sizes...I want more but we may be moving so will wait until we are settled to get them.

VetOnCall · 17/04/2021 19:45

We have tons, I love photograph, maps and prints. We have photos from my travels, photos of the dogs, Canadian landscape and wildlife photos, maps, art prints, a few very special paintings of the dogs that I had commissioned and some family/friend photos. It's a fairly big house so doesn't look cluttered but other than photos/pictures we don't really have many knick knacks or ornaments etc. There's a local photographer (based in Banff) who I absolutely love, he takes the most incredible wildlife and landscape photos in this part of Canada and in Alaska. We have a few of his photos including a huge framed print of the one attached here which is on a big mezzanine wall by itself and is one of the first things you see when you walk into the house. I adore it.

Barely anything on the walls
VetOnCall · 17/04/2021 19:46


Crunchymum · 17/04/2021 19:51

We have the grand total of 3 paintings.on the wall (all landscape - from photos - of places we've been painted by a friend)

We have loads of framed pictures (photos and paintings - by another friend) on shelves and we have massive mirrors in a few rooms which take up a whole wall.

One of the bedrooms have a framed patchwork quilt that someone made for DC1. It was too pretty to actually use for the kids.

Crunchymum · 17/04/2021 19:54

Our wall pictures are from photo's of the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and The Colosseum (DP climbed to base camp.... I wasn't even there but it's a wonderful painting Grin)

ShinyMe · 17/04/2021 19:57

I've been in my house 21 years, and on my walls I have:
living room - a print of a watercolour lamb that was my granny's, a pastel landscape that my granddad did and gave to me when I was 17, a watercolour of some haystacks that my grandad also did, a couple of very old family photos. Also an artwork I bought from one of my students' graduation exhibitions about 5 years ago and which I finally got round to putting up.
kitchen - a metal advertising poster from the 50s (?) for French chocolate
upstairs - a pink flower macro ikea print thing, and a dotty canvas I made with nail varnish several years ago, as well as a framed map of Middle Earth which was on my bedroom wall all through my childhood, and which has fold marks and pin holes and my name scribbled on the bottom.

I do have a couple of small framed family photos on bookshelves, but no more than 3 or 4.

MadMadMadamMim · 17/04/2021 20:01

@Cocolapew I absolutely love your room! Particularly the funky mint coloured stove!

I have quite a lot of paintings up. I do quirky and eclectic rather than minimalist.

Bluntness100 · 17/04/2021 20:06

I think rooms look very empty with nothing on thr walls, it reminds me of student digs or rentals where you’re not allowed.

We do but it’s a mix of inherited art, some art I bought that I loved, and most of it is antique, but we live in an old house.

GreyhoundG1rl · 17/04/2021 20:18

[quote MadMadMadamMim]@Cocolapew I absolutely love your room! Particularly the funky mint coloured stove!

I have quite a lot of paintings up. I do quirky and eclectic rather than minimalist.[/quote]
It's cool alright. Did it come like that or did you paint it, Cocolapew?

Cowmilk · 17/04/2021 20:29

A large clock and a couple of mirrors. Dh has a map of our borough bought during lockdown.

Cocolapew · 17/04/2021 21:20

Thanks, no it used to be black. I paint with emulsion Grin

GreyhoundG1rl · 17/04/2021 21:22


Thanks, no it used to be black. I paint with emulsion Grin

Wow! 👍
Cocolapew · 17/04/2021 21:26

It's Farrow and Ball arsenic, I use the tester pots to paint things.

BuyYourOwnBBQGlenda · 17/04/2021 21:37

I have a couple of limited edition prints of the town my grandparents hail from, bought whilst visiting my grandma the last time I saw her alive. An oil painting of the boating lake in my hometown. My grandma's barometer. A Shirley Hughes original (looks just like my daughter as a tot). Framed the garden design we commissioned for our first house together. And some mirrors. We are about to move into a ~4000sqft home where the previous owners had LOADS on the walls and it might look strange but I hate having naff stuff on the wall just as filler.

I've bought IKEA prints in the past just to have something and always end up giving them to the chazza shop as they very soon just remind me of being in a cheap B and B!

GreyhoundG1rl · 17/04/2021 21:38

A Shirley Hughes original Envy

HerMammy · 17/04/2021 21:40

Recently redone living room and have three 1920s art travel posters framed (not huge) large vintage world map and a painting by late MiL.

Hotcuppatea · 17/04/2021 21:42

We have lots of lovely art. We went through a few years of buying pictures for each other for birthday and Christmas presents and we have some nice stuff now. It's a mixture of prints, photography, paintings from local artists and pictures from places that we love to visit. We've pretty much run out of space now.

Moondust001 · 17/04/2021 21:46

My entire house looks like a museum of culture (or so someone said who visited it for the first time). Indonesian boar spear, collection of photos I took of the Northern Lights, Moroccan burnished metalwork, Palestinian Christian scented wax icon, painting of one of my dogs, Omani limited edition print... and that's just the living room chimney breast.

Thank God I am never moving again.

Whereisthewarmth · 17/04/2021 21:47

I have actually find it mentally stressful to be in a room without something to look at.

I also find it stressful when rooms have some oddly placed photos usually up near the ceiling!

As I sit in living room, my eye falls on so many things, pictures... Painting, photos... Ornaments!

I can't imagine a blank plain wall!

What do you look at!

Tigger85 · 17/04/2021 21:48

We have lots of photos of our living son and dogs up, our deceased son has his own special place, we also have some landscape photo prints and paintings on some walls. I find woods/forests/mountains calming so that's what the landscape photos/paintings are of. We also have an abstract painting in our bedroom because we like the colours and again find it calming. We are both the type of people who enjoy taking photographs and having physical photo albums though. I also have three of my guitars on the wall in the living room, partially because it encourages practice and partially because I think they are beautiful and art in their own right. It's your home have it how you like, don't change it if it won't make you happy.

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