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To think some houses do bring bad luck ?

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Opal93 · 16/04/2021 16:02

We moved house when I was 12 to a very old house that HAS to be cursed. Literally one thing after another since day one. We had so much go wrong in the first year alone. Roof caved in, gas leaks, water leaks, mouse infestation, then my dad had a heart attack, my mum and dad split up, more serious illness and health scares, my dad died, then lots of other family members died, pets got killed in freak accidents, and loads more. My dad always claimed he heard voices of children in it and he was a tota skeptic. Everyone whoever visited always said they hated the atmosphere in it, and when I left at 19 it felt like a weight had been lifted and I just felt “lighter” iykwim. My mother has finally put it for sale after the latest disaster, electrics have totally failed and floor and walls have to be completely torn apart to require it. I’m not a believer in any woo but it does make me wonder! Anyone else ever found a house unlucky ?

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Lookforwardtosummer · 19/01/2022 08:49

Hello @Opal93

I had a family member who purchased an old house to renovate and they also had a run of bad luck which seemed to last years. Yes I do believe that some places do have that particular bad energy unfortunately. That sounds awful for you and your family though, hope you are ok. I know this thread is quite old so not sure if you will see it.

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