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To try to find a possible diagnosis before visiting the Dr again

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Motherchicken · 15/04/2021 05:16

Posting here for traffic mainly, but I have on going health issues that the Dr just can’t seem to give me an answer or solution for. I was wondering if anyone had had anything similar that I could research and see it if fits and take those to the Dr as options.

So here goes, started as my arms would go stiff at the elbows in a bent position. Couldn’t bend or straighten without extreme pain then aches after like I had done an Olympic workout. This would happen 2/3 times a month and last for a few days. Then I had a cortisone shot in each elbow, was a miracle cure, stopped the stiffness all was fine for a while. Now stiffness in my fingers, can’t bend them to touch my palms, pain in my wrists and occasionally catch myself readjusting how I bend or stretch at my elbow. I’ve had tests, no signs of arthritis but they could see swelling on my joints. Nothing in my bloods either. It’s really frustrating at I’m under 30 but struggling to hold a hairbrush. Has anyone had anything similar?

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