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Asking for help work with mistaken identity

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Fortitudekeeper · 14/04/2021 23:25

Bear with me...

I asked my manager a question via email. She replied for me to refer to the below email exchanges.
There were emails where Manager passed on my request to another Colleague for advice and Colleague replied answering my question and said she had already answered this a few days ago.

Colleague had not and has mistaken me with someone. It's not an unusual question so very possible someone else had ask Colleague a few days ago.

This isn't the first time this has happened with Colleague and I'm now embarrassed by the (false) impression that I bypass colleagues/protocol and unnecessarily go straight to Manager.

I'd like to clarify but obviously worried about coming across as unprofessional/over emotional. Has to be via email as not working in the office so unlikely to see either of them for a long time so tone is important.

Please help.

Thank you

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Ponoka7 · 14/04/2021 23:28

I don't think that you could clarify it without the tone being misinterpreted. I'd leave well alone.


Erkrie · 14/04/2021 23:30

Just say thanks for the message, it wasn't me who had asked the question previously, but clearly there's a few of us that want to know the answer. Thanks for the clarification.


Fortitudekeeper · 14/04/2021 23:35

Thank you for replying.

It's the third time in a year this has happened so I'm definitely worried about my tone being misinterpreted. I'm also not the as assertive as I need to be.

OP posts:

Pantsomime · 14/04/2021 23:35

Could you reply with - sorry but that wasn’t me, would you be able to copy and paste the response to this email address, many thanks


Erkrie · 14/04/2021 23:38

There's no harm in politely saying it wasn't you.


Cocomarine · 14/04/2021 23:38

Don’t use the word sorry.

“Hi Manager, thanks for clarifying it with Colleague for me. I wasn’t actually the person who asked her before - but good to know it won’t have caused much extra work for her if she’d just had to answer it for someone else too. Kindest Regards, OP.”

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