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To expect drivers to respect the Highway Code?

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Boogalooblue · 12/11/2007 09:58

All I am asking is for a little bit of respect for their fellow human beings.

I cycle to school with my children and it is an almost daily occurence for one of the other parents/carers to obstruct the cycle path.

This means I either have to wait for the driver to return or go on to the road with my kids including my 6 year old on her bike

If you think you are entitled to do this, think again because section 240 in the Highway Code includes the following

You MUST NOT stop or park on.....

  • a tram or cycle lane during its period of operation

  • a cycle track

    [Laws MT(E&W)R regs 7 & 9, MT(S)R regs 6 & 8, ZPPPCRGD regs 18 & 20, RTRA sects 5, 6 & 8, TSRGD regs 10, 26 & 27, RTA 1988 sects 21(1) & 36]

    Why can't these drivers just either park considerately or park a bit further away where they can park without obstructing anyone??

    I don't think this is unreasonable to ask drivers to do this and I would like to know how anyone can claim that it is reasonable to park wherever they like with no regard for the Highway Code or their fellow human beings
OP posts:

Tortington · 12/11/2007 10:01

i hate mums who drive their kids to school and park anywhere


Boogalooblue · 12/11/2007 10:32

I take it that the rest of you drive your children to school and park illegally then?

OP posts:

bossykate · 12/11/2007 10:48

i walk to school with ds and we have to watch out for cyclists running red lights at the crossing. one nearly hit a group of children the other day. so i think all road users should obey the highway code - including cyclists.


Boogalooblue · 12/11/2007 10:59

Fairy nough Bossy Kate, you are right, but then I don't skip lights (there aren't any on our journey) or break rules of the road.

OP posts:

MsSparkler · 12/11/2007 11:06

I hate it when drivers park where they feel like it to and agree with you on that one. But then i also agree that cyclists need to start following the highway code too.

I'm sure a cyclist would be on here moaning if a car driver decided to hop on and off the pavement when they wanted to!


MargeSimpsonMyAlterEgo · 13/11/2007 22:37

Oh you might as well give up with this one - most people have NO IDEA what is in the Highway Code and probably NO IDEA that there is such a thing. The highway code says that if you are turning into a side road, you should give way to a pedestrian crossing the side road. Oh My God this never ever ever happens. I think if people insist on parking on pavements/cycle paths then they should expect their precious cars to be scratched by any legitimate pavement/cycle path user who attempts to squeeze past their vehicle. It's the same when people park on pavements leaving no room for pushchairs or prams or even people to pass. Don't go out in the road, scrape your Silver Cross down their paintwork!!


bookofthedeadmum · 13/11/2007 22:47

I have been known to leave snotty notes on windscreens pointing out it was illegal to block pavements with cars forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. I'd just had my dd so I was probably being a bit more PFB mum-ish than was really warranted. On the way back from my walk, I checked and the car had been moved .

I'm sure if most drivers had to resit their tests tomorrow they'd probably fail on several points, not least of all the Highway Code (unless they've passed their tests in the last few months). How many tests do cyclists sit though? .


codslovechild · 14/11/2007 16:14



mosschops30 · 14/11/2007 16:19

i agree with bossykate, I hate cyclists who go through red lights or cycle on the pavement when the traffic is stopped.

In fact I hate most things about driving at the moment, this week seems to me that every u know what with a car has been out on the road and cutting me up, pulling out in front of me etc. I live in a state of permanent road rage and complete indifference


EmsMum · 14/11/2007 16:29

Our village is bad for pavement parkers. The other day I was walking the dog and had to go into the road to go round parked car - there wasn't even enough room for my small self and a dachshund to squeeze through.

The driver was in the car ... just as I was passing he starts the engine and begins to pull out without looking behind. Fortunately I realised this might happen when I'd heard the engine start, and simultaneously yelled and skipped further into road dragging poor dog. He did at least have the grace to look very apologetic... I don't think he'll be doing that again in a hurry.

MargeSimpson, if I'm crossing a side road I make eye contact with the driver and I jolly well DO take my right of way. Possibly you have to be blonde to get away with this


lljkk · 14/11/2007 16:45

I'm a cyclist who sometimes hops on the pavement specifically to make sure cars can pass me safely, without me worrying whether they will actually slow down or be daft enough to try to squeeze past in too little space... or maybe I'm actually just being nice and don't want to hold up traffic.

Wouldn't do it if there were pedestrians anywhere. But get pilloried for it anyway, even though I'm trying to be helpful to other road users. Sometimes you just can't win.

I'd like drivers to follow that bit of the highway code that deals with not talking on handheld mobiles while vehicle is in motion.


idlingabout · 14/11/2007 18:18

Emsmum - I do that too whilst mouthing clearly ''it's my right of way'' if they look like running me over


bookofthedeadmum · 14/11/2007 21:20

I have been known to bellow 'give way to pedestrians' as I skip it briskly to the pavement.

Mind pedestrians who step out without even a side glance at the road behind them whilst chatting on a phone/plugged into an iPod (whilst often wearing a hoodie) are probably testing the theory of natural selection .

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