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holiday ideas/weekends away with a four year old in the UK

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Lucysnap · 14/04/2021 22:37

Having moved back to the UK pre-Covid, we've never actually been on holiday in the UK with a kid. Currently based in London and ideally would go somewhere nearby as DS gets really train sick (and really really car sick so a short taxi ride is fine but cant really hire a car). Would anyone have any ideas where we could go for a couple of days now that things are opening up. DD is currently 3. We've done most of the city breaks pre-kids and ordinarily used to just go back home and visit grandparents but with things as they are it would be lovely to leave the city for a few days but no idea where is nice to go with a small kid.

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Elouera · 14/04/2021 22:41

So how far in mins/hours can you child travel in a train/car or did you have a different trasnport in mind? That would help with replies!


Elouera · 14/04/2021 22:41

Also no idea what the AIBU refers to ???


Lumene · 14/04/2021 22:42

What is your budget?

Centreparcs could be an option.


Meatshake · 14/04/2021 23:42

Butlins, I was really snobby and sniffy but it's actually brilliant as long as you get the good accommodation, Wave Hotel Apartment or better haha. I probably wouldn't go on the normal weeks but the just for tots weeks are absolutely lovely, and it knocks spots off centerparcs.


Lucysnap · 15/04/2021 00:08

@Elouera so on the train we're usually ok for an hour/hour and a half but in the car - honestly about 15mins. It's ridiculous and for longer trips, we do tend to give him travel pills which essentially knock him out for the day but that's not always ideal.

No idea why am feeling so nervous going on holiday with DS but essentially we just haven't really been anywhere other than travelling back home with him since he was born and then obviously Covid

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Tereseta · 15/04/2021 00:09

Agree butlins or haven, loads of activities and other children their age but also chance for time as a family. No worrying about spillages or breakables like in some holiday cottages.


Elouera · 15/04/2021 14:32

If you are East London based, and looking for the seaside, Margate and the North Kent coast, along with Essex- Clacton, Walton, Southend are all within 1.5hrs via train. All areas have either hotels or static van sites, along with piers, rides and entertainment.


SwimBaby · 15/04/2021 14:42

My DC loved Butlins, Haven and Center Parcs holidays at that age.


RolloverRollover · 15/04/2021 14:43

My kids have always loved Brighton.


Lucysnap · 16/04/2021 12:22

Looks like CentreParks or Brighton seem to be the favorite - thank you all. Will suggest it to DH. Everything seems so crazily expensive this year but really feeling the need to get out of London and have a change of scenery.

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Popfan · 16/04/2021 15:08

We went on a cottage on a farm holiday when DS was little, animals to help feed, donkeys to ride, play area etc. It was lovely and we also went to different places in the surrounding area - I think it was in Devon so lots to do.


cudbywestrangers · 16/04/2021 15:12

We hired a cottage in watchet (Somerset) a few weeks ago. The local steam railway did a weekly ticket so we walked to the station each morning and used the railway to get out each day, travelling to all the different stations- minehead, dunster castle etc. That worked well and we hardly used the car all week and it was A lovely gentle paced week


trinibrit · 16/04/2021 16:20

Mine loved Thomas Land in Drayton Manor at that age.


alicewasahorse · 16/04/2021 19:22

Id also recommend Butlins or Flamingo Land


RulesDontApply2Me · 16/04/2021 19:32

Go to Kent.
You’ve got the Downs, Whitstable, Hernebay, The Villages of Margate, Margate, Broadstairs, Folkestone, Camber Sands. Best county in the UK lol. Well for Londoners anyway.

I’d go Broadstairs on a sunny warm day. You will love it.

And I don’t live there btw. But I would if I could.


SavingsQuestions · 16/04/2021 21:14

Peppa pig world and stay nearby.... could do Marwell as well!


Ineedaneasteregg · 17/04/2021 00:25

Mine also loved Thomas Land

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