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IBS - What to do when immodium stops working

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Toomuchinfo1007 · 14/04/2021 00:25

Can anyone advise? I have bouts of stomach cramps that last a few hours and... Resolve intermittently. Lately it's become a real problem and I found that taking immodium at the onset of cramping stopped it. But that hasn't worked today and I don't know how to continue like this. I haven't had much luck with GPs. Does anyone with IBS know something more effective? Thanks.

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reesewithoutaspoon · 19/04/2021 08:11

Dont waste your money on bioresonance hair allergy testing. its a load of codswallop.

In 2020, a reporter from the Daily Mirror (London, England) sent identical samples of his own hair under two different names to Check My Body Health for 400-item tests. The reports he received differed so much from each other that he concluded that the results were “like sticking pins at random into a food chart” [11]. The article states that Check My Body Health is a trade name of Global Health Tests Limited, which is run from Northampton, UK. The Check My Body Health website lists offices in Houston, Texas and Edmonton, Canada.

reesewithoutaspoon · 19/04/2021 08:12
Bagelsandbrie · 19/04/2021 08:17

I think you need to go back to the GP for some blood tests etc and a referral to a gastroenterologist if you haven’t seen anyone for a few years about it. Lots of things can and could be causing this. It’s important to get the right treatment.

My “IBS” turned out to be Addison’s disease. The GP kept giving me diazepam and Imodium and I was just becoming more and more unwell over a period of years.

Van34 · 19/04/2021 09:07

We both suffer with what the Dr describes as IBS. Ours was triggered by food poisoning (campylobacter) many years ago and the gut has never fully recovered. We both take 2 soluble cocodamol in a small amount of water with great success. Not only does it stop the pain, but it also firms you up. I went from being like you, dashing back and forth to the toilet. To being able to live a normal life. It honestly was life changing for me, I never leave the house without a couple of tablets in my purse just incase.

Sleepisoverrated150 · 19/04/2021 10:08

Buscopan helps my spasms and I have tried the low FODMAP diet. I do use Andrew’s salts if I’m feeling a bit constipated

Zilla1 · 19/04/2021 11:02

HNRTT and dislike diagnosis by web but you mentioned migraines. Are you on any regular medication for the migraines and have you ever had an investigation concerning whether what you think of as IBS is abdominal migraine and, if so, could benefit from suitable medication. These tend to last more than a few hours but different people have a different baseline for considering what would be usual.

Good luck.

SomebodyThatIUsedToKnow3 · 19/04/2021 11:29

It might not be the right type of foods even though your diet is restricted and monotonous. I'd recommend looking into FODMAP, it's been shown in medical studies to be very effective. Though before that have you had any tests done to rule out other bowel issues? IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion. You need medical tests to make sure it's not something progressive and needing medical treatmen. I had endoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy to rule out coeliacs and a couple of other tests I can't remember, long time ago. They ruled out things like IBD, Crohn's, Helicobacter pylori.

idontlikealdi · 19/04/2021 11:35

I take Loperamide (generic immodium) daily on dr recommendation. I get in the pound shop. I take two a day, more in a flare up.

MrsR2be · 19/04/2021 20:32

You need to go back to your gp, I had scans and was referred to a gastroenterologist, I've been referred to as dietician. I'm vegan anyway, to I looked at what I was eating a lot of and have cut out gluten which has almost eliminated all my symptoms

Blackopal · 19/04/2021 20:41

Interesting that migraines are mentioned.
I was put on to a daily dose of amitriptyline as a migraine preventative.
After around three months my migraines reduced greatly, as did my awful IBS.

Purpleshoes13 · 19/04/2021 20:59

Ask your GP for a referral to a dietitian. They can give you some 1st line advice and then support you with doing the FODMAP diet if appropriate. Please don't try the FODMAP diet without professional support

dotdashdashdash · 19/04/2021 21:02

Are you sure it's IBS and not gastrointestinal migraines?

BlooperReel · 19/04/2021 21:29

Buscopan and peppermint tea help mine. I find nexium can help too

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