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Buying gifts for siblings?

6 replies

Lollypop4 · 11/04/2021 23:42

Going off another thread here and interested to see really,

I have a great relationship with my 3x siblings , we all get on v.well.

We have never bought birthday cards or gifts for each other or xmas gifts.

Do you with your siblings?

YABU- I do
YANBU- I don't

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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MrsTulipTattsyrup · 12/04/2021 00:17

Yes, of course! My brother and I have a contest (running for about 15 years) as to who can send the naffest birthday card to the other. I also give to my sister in law. I love them, so why wouldn’t I?


Pollypudding · 12/04/2021 00:31

We still get birthday and Christmas gifts for one another but not terribly expensive! For a few years, when our children were younger, we had a pact that we would only get the kids gifts for Christmas, we now have a secret Santa with all the siblings and grown up kids! Still send birthday presents though- we are in our 50s!
But YANBU as all families are different.


YellowPurple · 12/04/2021 00:34

Yep, i spend about £20 on siblings for birthday and Christmas’
and i buy for all there children.

I tend to spend around £150 on each niece and nephew for birthdays and Christmas.


EmeraldShamrock · 12/04/2021 00:39

Yes I've 4 we all for for each other and the DC too. €30 cash or gift.


JamesMiddletonsMarshmallows · 12/04/2021 00:42

We did until we all had kids and now just buy for the kids


EmeraldShamrock · 12/04/2021 00:50

I was going to scrap adult gifts they're in a better financial situation than me, decided to hold off for a year.

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