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Dd just been sick

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Scrumptiousbears · 11/04/2021 00:46

Over not just one duvet but two. It's gone through both duvet covers and onto the duvets themselves. Even though they are singles the labels say cannot be washed in a domestic machine. AIBU to just Chuck them buy new? Buy the time I've found a laundrette open round here on a Sunday surely it's just a hassle. ☹️

That's not to mention the Happy Napper she's caught as well. 🙄

OP posts:

LouiseTrees · 11/04/2021 00:51

Just buy some new ones but is she okay? Has she a fever?


Scrumptiousbears · 11/04/2021 00:53

She's fine thanks. Bit shaken as it woke her up. Doesn't seem to have a temperature or a stomach ache etc. She's been showered and changed and is now in my bed fast asleep. I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish the first run before I reload.

OP posts:

Longdistance · 11/04/2021 00:54

Aww, hope she’s ok? Just buy her a new one. Probably don’t need a thick one for now with summer coming up.


Scrumptiousbears · 11/04/2021 00:57

That's true. Might get away with a 4.5 for now. Our local laundrette is shut tomorrow and I have no idea how much they cost anyway. Definitely worth just binning these.

OP posts:

FireflyRainbow · 11/04/2021 01:18

Just wash them in the machine, I washed mine and they were fine. Yours may not be, but if you are binning them anyway you may as well try it may save you money.


masterofthechef · 11/04/2021 01:21

the nearest laundrette to me are the machines at the local garage, coin/card operated, last time cost £12, very annoyed as could have replaced it with one from the supermarket for £10


Haggisfish · 11/04/2021 01:21

Shove them in the machine. They’ll be fine.


steppemum · 11/04/2021 01:22

wash them in machine, and tumble dry.

if it works, fine, if it doesn't well, you were going to chuck them!


gnushoes · 11/04/2021 01:23

Machine wash, good shake, on the line, job done.


TwoZeroTwoZero · 11/04/2021 01:26

As above, wash them first and line dry them. We did and they were fine.

Has she (or any of you) had covid already? The only symptom dc2 had was the squits and an upset stomach. The next thing we knew, we all had it.


Scrumptiousbears · 11/04/2021 01:39

That's for the suggestions.

Duvet wise I was more worried about the washing machine and the weight really rather than damaging the duvet.

None of us have had covid. She hasn't had an upset stomach but going by the contents she hasn't digested anything all day (sorry TMI). I've just checked on her and she's fast asleep next to snoring DP.

I'm waiting for the first wash to finish before I reload. No sleep for me for a while. We were going to meeting up with some friends in a park later today. Not sure I'll be up for that even if DD is.

OP posts:

Nousernameforme · 11/04/2021 02:07

Kids can be sick for all sorts of reasons, but you ought to keep her isolated for 48 hours just incase it's a d&v situation.


LouiseTrees · 11/04/2021 16:01

Still okay today OP?


81Byerley · 11/04/2021 16:34

I hope you didn't meet up with your friends! I don't think they'd thank you!


Scrumptiousbears · 13/04/2021 06:13

Just an quick update.

As predicted she was fine the next morning. I think just some form of over indulgence.

She was up loads last night though with pains in her legs. Refused Calpol and just rolled around the bed for ages until she fell asleep.

Im not getting much sleep with this one this week. ☹️

OP posts:

HikeForward · 13/04/2021 07:24

I put single duvets in the wash. Not feather ones though as they clump!

Hope she’s better soon.

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