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To expect a reasonably priced holiday any time this year?

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thecatmother · 10/04/2021 21:49

I have been searching high and low for 2 weeks in August for a UK family holiday that is within a reasonable price. Unfortunately all the nice places are either booked or seriously overcharged. In contrast, when I look on Spanish properties on Airbnb they are ridiculously cheap. I'm wondering whether to book a foreign break and hope for the best, or just resign myself to the fact that we are not going anywhere this year?

OP posts:

hopingforabrighterfuture2021 · 10/04/2021 21:53

August in the UK will be hugely overpriced because of the pandemic. To be honest, even pre pandemic it was pretty bad. Have you looked at air b n b in august in the UK? Would you consider camping on a nice site (no idea if there is availability!)

Another thing is I saw Guernsey/Channel Islands/IOW advertised recently, maybe worth looking there?


Profiterolegirl · 10/04/2021 21:54

Have you tried going a bit further out? Like villages surrounding Edinburgh or wherever you would like to go? What price do you consider reasonable?


ErinMcCafferty · 10/04/2021 21:54

Although I'm in the same position, I think you are unreasonable to expect it.

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