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Neighbours kids

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MASHD · 10/04/2021 09:35

The 15 year old next door S. threw balls and rocks from his flat roof towards a neighbours son J. who was standing on his flat roof. The outhouse corrugated roof was damaged. (I saw him do it).
As dad wasnt home
I knocked on Js door the kids answered their mum was at work. Grandad was home but didnt come to the door as hes shielding. Come back when mums home. I left my number she didnt call.
The following day her car was on the drive I knocked they didnt answer. I wrote a note saying that the boys shouldnt be throwing stuff across the alleyways. They should meet outside that would be more appropriate
Ss house is on the corner.
Js house is the second house on the adjacent road.
(From my back window S threw a ball hard towards S who was laughing and it hit my outhouse roof.
When I turned away I heard a smash there was a new hole.)
Ss mum is a solicitor, I've never had much to do with her. She always seemed rather supercilious to me.
I didnt see her call. She popped a note round stating the kids said it was J throwing stuff. My son didnt do anything. He can go on his flat roof to retrieve balls. My parents are vulnerable. 13 year old can't throw 15 feet (lol)
I called her and said I wasnt being funny but S was swearing before that. My property was damaged.
Her response was my kids were there they said it was S. She established I only saw S doing it NOT J.
Which is true but I've no idea J did or didnt I just saw S.
She was quite curt and we ended the conversation.
I walked out of my house later and saw my note under my wiper blade. But it had been screwed up really tight then flattened out folded up then put under.
It was so screwed up it didnt feel like paper it was flimsy! ๐Ÿ™„
I messaged her touched on a couple of points but said why would you return the note like that....
She was glad I got the note obv it upset me as mine did hers. Given I called her I found less offensive not commenting on other stuff as you said my son wasnt throwing stuff.

I didnt put anything through her letterbox cos of Covid.
If there's a note under the wiper you can put gloves on.
I was being safe.

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Jumpers268 · 13/04/2021 17:38

Oh that's so awful OP. I don't know why people need to be so awful. I'd be absolutely mortified if my son did that.

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