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New Model Music Curriculum - AIBU?

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HattiOwls · 09/04/2021 15:49

AIBU to think that the MMC looks good? I'm not a teacher and only play the violin G4 but my dc are into their instruments and love music of all genres including classical music.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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suspiria777 · 09/04/2021 15:52

not all of us are intimately familiar with the former curriculum; perhaps you could summarise the key differences and what you think are the positive changes?


HattiOwls · 09/04/2021 15:56

@suspiria777 I'm not at all knowledgable about the former curriculum. I've never given it much thought but saw the MMC being discussed on Twitter where many seem not at al in favour. It led me to reading the KS1 & 2 curriculum and as a non expert, it looks to be covering a broad range of genres and activities with some music theory thrown in. As somebody who isn't au fait with any music curriculum apart from what my dc do extra curricular I was wondering what other people's views here are.

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hels71 · 09/04/2021 16:00

Looks pretty similar to what I already teach in primary.....


HattiOwls · 09/04/2021 16:13

"one single curriculum for the whole nation" this seems to be what has annoyed music teachers. That makes more senses. So it seems to be too prescriptive.

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Cocorico22 · 09/04/2021 16:16

Not familiar with the previous curriculum and was in secondary school in the 00s, music provision was fairly dire in my area back then. But I did do extracurricular lessons on different instruments.

This seems fairly comprehensive, but I would have questions about how you manage vastly different abilities in one class, assessments etc... Also the suggested listening list looks uninspired - dare I say it feels a bit like the Gove approach to teaching history?

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