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To think most people know NOT to try & fix your broken down vehicle when it’s stuck in lane 1?

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Parzival · 08/04/2021 21:03

Genuinely cannot believe what I saw tonight on the motorway.

A smart motorway so no hard shoulder - a broken down/stranded caravan, half and half straddling lane 1 and the very edge of the carriageway next to the verge.

Two passengers were lying down IN the slow lane side, half under their caravan, presumably trying to fix it. No red X on the motorway signs to close the lane or any warning at all.

After I drove past I looked in my rear view to see a lorry veer into the middle lane so as not to annihilate them all.

AIBU to think that hard shoulder or not, it’s dangerously stupid behaviour to lie down in an active carriageway and most people know this? There was a barrier and a verge they could have safely waited behind for help.

I still feel absolutely sick and hope to god they are ok. I phoned and reported it immediately.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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XDownwiththissortofthingX · 08/04/2021 21:06

I'd have left them to it. I believe in Natural Selection.


StoneofDestiny · 08/04/2021 21:07

Your call might have prevented an accident or even saved their lives! Idiots.


Parzival · 08/04/2021 21:09

@StoneofDestiny Christ I hope so! It was such a shock, I drive a lot for work but it’s definitely the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

OP posts:

alakdidndksk · 08/04/2021 21:33

I know someone who was decapitated when trying to fix a broken car on a motorway.


Tinydinosaur · 08/04/2021 21:33

People do some insane shit, especially on the motorway.


TheMotherlode · 08/04/2021 21:35

Bloody hell, that’s terrifying. What on earth were they thinking.


Bargebill19 · 08/04/2021 21:40

Misses the point totally - but I really do hate these ‘smart motorways’. Yes I have broken down on one and managed (fucking prayed) the car would limp to the next lay-by, which felt like it might as well have been miles away.


Howzaboutye · 08/04/2021 21:43

Maybe it had broken down before they could get onto the slow lane?

But I agree smart motorways are a very bad idea


whatdoidonowffs · 08/04/2021 22:52

Even if there was a hard shoulder that’s an astoundingly dumb thing to do
Smart motorways are awful things but I don’t think anyone will admit to it as it is a money saver


EvilPea · 08/04/2021 23:02


Even if there was a hard shoulder that’s an astoundingly dumb thing to do
Smart motorways are awful things but I don’t think anyone will admit to it as it is a money saver

Whilst I do agree with you. I’ve also been on the hard shoulder, with a tool kit, the knowledge I can bodge it and a three hour + wait for the rac.

The smart motorways are ludicrous. I think there’s an on going court case at the moment.

We’ve broken down in a live lane, cameras not working so no hope of being spotted for a red X. AA didn’t notify highways for the red X either. Just sitting ducks.
It is scary. I can see why (especially if you have to cross a live lane to get to safety) and you know it’s a 1 minute job you might consider it - you’d clearly be mental, but I can see how it would seem a good idea in that moment to just get out of trouble.
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