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To be dreading my new job already?

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MrsFlossy · 08/04/2021 09:46

Hi everyone.

My workplace has undergone a pretty large restructure, and alongside this I’ve been promoted (hooray). Because my company is quite flexible resource-wise, I’m going to be moved to a different team.
Just to preface this, I’m under no illusion how lucky I am to have a job currently, and I feel awful for having a whinge about this Sad

The things that I’m worried/annoyed about:

  • I really don’t think I’ll like my new job at all, and I’m so worried that it’s going to completely change my experience of an otherwise fantastic workplace. To expand on this a little bit, I’ve pretty much mastered my old responsibilities, which I already had an interest in before joining the company. The new job has areas that I have no interest in (and to be frank, seem boring)

  • I’ve been told that I’m going to be taking over XYZ roles, which are pretty much the shitty jobs that no one wants to do. I haven’t got a choice in this at all, so the learning curve for this will be huge, with little to no room for error

-I have another corporate responsibility that I made sure to check it was ok that I carry on in my new role (it’s not role specific so I was told that it was fine for me to carry this on), however my new colleagues have started to make comments about me giving this up to concentrate on the new role. This will be really rubbish if I have to give it up, as my part in this is needed, and it’s an area I feel comfortable in. It would almost be like my safety blanket and an area of familiarity to hold on to

  • my new manager is completely different to my current manager. I’ve known him for 3 years, and he’s very formal and guarded. The complete opposite to my old lovely manager Sad

I know I’m being a drip and need to buckle up and get on with it, but I’m just annoyed that I’ve been plonked here. I didn’t apply for this role, it just seems unfair that I have to leave everything I love about my job into a new job that I didn’t want.
I think I’m just looking for a bit of a pep talk, I’m so sad about the whole situation and I’ve tried to think “give it a chance, you’ll be fine in a few months” but I just keep thinking of all of the negatives.

Has anyone had any experiences where they’ve been a bit Hmm about moving roles/jobs, and how it panned out?
OP posts:

IEat · 11/04/2021 11:22

We get told to suck it up and the business needs are what are important. Us workers don’t mean jack

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