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In law behaviour

4 replies

DRGT · 07/04/2021 23:50

To find it perplexing that my PIL insisted on seeing my children without me, following the easing of lockdown, (they're in a bubble with someone else).. and then they cancel last minute?

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DamsonTrousers · 07/04/2021 23:59

Depends why they cancelled at the last minute.


DRGT · 08/04/2021 00:10

Weather forecast - dry but colder...

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stardust40 · 08/04/2021 00:25

Confused! Why without you? We're the children happy about this? Strange!!


DRGT · 08/04/2021 13:51

It was presented as 'giving me some time to myself'. Even though it was mu suggestion that we do something together now that we are allowed to outside. I've learnt over time to just go with the requests as I want my children to have time with them (they're 2 and 6)...

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