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AIBU to ask what your notice period is at work?!

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Upset2021 · 07/04/2021 06:06

Would anyone mind telling me what their notice period is at work, meaning the notice they have to give their employer? Asking because I'm being made redundant and looking to start a new job from around July time, is it too early to be looking now and are employers going to want someone who can start earlier? Hope that makes sense! Not sure if most people have a month's notice, but have heard that some people have 3 months. Thanks!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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araiwa · 07/04/2021 06:09

Just start applying.

Unless you're applying for my job, my notice period is irrelevant


sorryiasked · 07/04/2021 06:12

Mines only a week (not sure my employer realises though!), but most jobs are one month. I have had a job where the notice was 3 months but that was quite a specialist professional role where a replacement would be more difficult to find.
So I think you're looking at the right time, even if you apply for something now chances are interviews won't be done until May, start date June.


andwaydowntheygo · 07/04/2021 06:13

3 months for me. It's standard for someone of my seniority in my line of work.

Most people tend to be on notice periods that reflect what is normal in their line of work/seniority. As long as you're not applying for a radically different type of job, most employers will be expecting to have to wait for you for the notice period in your contract.

You're probably overthinking it.


SycamoreGap · 07/04/2021 06:14

Mine is 3 months - I would start applying now. I suppose it depends on the nature of your work. My job is more difficult to recruit for and would involve a handover period - and that’s why I have a longer notice period.


YoBeaches · 07/04/2021 06:15

It depends on what line of work or sector you're in as to the requirement for a notice period/how easy it is to replace if they resigned.

Most employers though want you to start ASAP so for you it's more relevant if you secured a new role can you end your contract early and still get redundancy pay out? If you can't then I would sit it out and start looking 6 weeks before you could start a new role.


Eminybob · 07/04/2021 06:29

Yep, it definitely depends on your industry. I’m likely to be made redundant later this yeah and I’ll start job hunting as soon as my 3 months notice starts (likely gardening leave) and prospective employers will expect to have to wait.


ImTheWolfToday · 07/04/2021 06:30

2 months here, was 3 in my previous role.


Fuzzyspringroll · 07/04/2021 06:30

Mine is three months and I can only leave at two set points during the year. So even if I gave five months notice I'd have to stay until the next date comes up. That's quite unusual, though, I think.


Capital76 · 07/04/2021 06:32

Also 3 months! Im a mid level manager but people from the role below me and upwards are all 3 months in my place....


BellsaRinging · 07/04/2021 06:32

Mine is threw months too. Again pretty standard in my industry. When I worked for the civil.service it was only one month and that is I think standard even for pretty senior jobs (not that I was in one!).


KatherineJaneway · 07/04/2021 06:36

Mine is a month.

How easy are jobs to get in your industry?


Darbs76 · 07/04/2021 06:38

Ours is 4wks (civil service). Usually gets shortened as the person has leave to use up, so will officially be 4wks but could be able to leave in 3 if they had 5 days leave remaining


Dreamstosell · 07/04/2021 06:43

I’m a teacher and my notice period is one month


Upset2021 · 07/04/2021 06:52

My job is nothing too specialised, think mid-level kind of customer support/administration but on a fairly good salary as I've got a lot of experience and good performance reviews. On looking around at similar jobs and most are offering less than when I started in my role many years ago!
However I've seen a couple that look similar to what I'm doing now, at a similar salary and near me, have an interview with the recruitment agency but was just wondering if they're going to think I'm applying way too early. Or I could potentially leave before my notice which would mean missing out on my redundancy but is it worth the gamble if it's the perfect role?!
It's just so uncertain with the current job market what's going to be available over the next few months too. Sorry for long message can you tell I'm feeling overwhelmed with it all Grin

OP posts:

Apocalyptichorsewoman · 07/04/2021 06:53

3 months for me ( Clinical Nurse Specialist).


Megan2018 · 07/04/2021 06:57

3 months for me (senior manager), for non managerial posts though it’s 1 month


insancerre · 07/04/2021 06:57

My notice period is 13 weeks but I’m sure it could be shorter if I negotiated with my employer


EdithWeston · 07/04/2021 07:02

Mine was officially 3 months, but in practice we'd always come to terms as soon as someone expressed their wish to leave. No point in keeping on someone who doesn't want to be there.

Smaller employers might not have the flexibility to do that, as they might need to get recruitment of a replacement well under way if less able to carry a gap


FinallyHere · 07/04/2021 07:04

Three months

It's never been a problem, I would never hand in my notice until I had the written offer. Good employers will be planning ahead to get good people and expect to wait for the right people.

Anyone who won't wait is probably not someone who will be a good employer.


TheMotherlode · 07/04/2021 07:06

Mine is 4 weeks. Generally employers I think will expect up to a 3 month notice period unless you’re in a senior role, in which case they’ll be prepared that they may need to wait 6 months or longer.


UseOfWeapons · 07/04/2021 07:06

3 months (Specialist nurse).


crumble82 · 07/04/2021 07:07

My notice period is 6 weeks. The company who have just taken me on asked about my notice period in the interview and said they were flexible about my start date depending on how long my notice period was


PoTheDog · 07/04/2021 07:09

Start applying now. If you are clear that July is your earliest availability then it'll be fine. There are so many applications for some jobs right now that interview selection etc is often taking longer than usual.


BigPaperBag · 07/04/2021 07:10

It should be in your contract. Does it matter what the notice period of other people is? Confused


HeyDemonsItsYaGirl · 07/04/2021 07:11

Everyone on my company is on a month's notice, even very senior managers. It's crazy and I don't know why they haven't changed it.

I was on three months' notice in my last couple of jobs. It wasn't an issue when I jumped ship; employers will wait for the right person.

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