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To contact my GP?

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mooonstone · 07/04/2021 02:11

Can’t sleep because sometimes when I lay down, I get a painful sensation in my ankle. Sort of feels like a sprain that is only triggered in this position.

It is a dull/stiff sensation, feels like something is awkwardly pressing on it. I can still move it throughout and have no pain walking/driving/standing.

Unsure if my GP would be interested as the pain doesn’t effect my day to day activities. Would they just look into physiotherapy?

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rubyrose44 · 07/04/2021 02:14

Can you self-refer to physio? My surgery have links on their website.

That said, I’d just call GP in the morning. It sounds v uncomfortable!


Alternista · 07/04/2021 02:38

I don’t know but I can’t sleep either cos I have the exact same thing going on in my shoulder, so I thought I’d offer some solidarity.


mooonstone · 07/04/2021 03:08

Thank you both! I can self refer to physio actually, I’ll do it in a few hours as I don’t want to send the email at 3am and have them think I’m a weirdo for being awake! Blush though it would show how this is affecting my sleep

@Alternista thank you - did you have a shoulder injury at some point?

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