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The Wolfpack film

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Painauchocolat189 · 06/04/2021 09:32

It was out a few years ago now, but has anybody seen it?
It's fascinating, also incredibly sad due to the lives the boys had.
I was left with so many questions and I don't doubt there are sceptics.

The father was likely mentally unwell and suffering from paranoia. Apparently today the eldest son is still in contact with him and he's separated from their mother.

The boys come across as very gentle, intelligent and likeable. They have been able to obtain very interesting jobs since being freed from their home.
It appears that Suzanne was incredibly controlled by Oscar to the point where her own mother didn't know she had 7 children.

They must have suffered such a lack of vitamin D and do appear malnourished at some points in the film.

I wish them well and hope they're adjusting well to life today. It's such an intriguing film.

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Painauchocolat189 · 06/04/2021 09:34

I think the father should have been charged for this, apparently though in New York this is legal as long as children are being home schooled and receiving medical care.

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