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to be pissed of with DP that on his first saturday at home for the past four weeks, he is snoring on the sofa

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lucyellensmum · 10/11/2007 16:58

We had a lovely time with DD this morning, took her to the park. She enjoyed that. I was looking forward to some time with DP while she took her afternoon nap, by the time i had put her to bed (already miffed because he waited until DD had been calling him for five minutes before getting off his arse to give her a bed time cuddle) he was already asleep on the sofa. We were supposed to be doing some admin but when i woke him he said can we do it another time. I have tried waking him up, but hes still snoring. I know he is tired, really tired, but i was really looking forward to having some time with him this weekend. I guess he only sees it as time with DD We have to take my mother shopping this evening - so tht will be a romantic evening wont it.

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TheQueenOfQuotes · 10/11/2007 16:59

why has he not been there for the previous weeks??


lucyellensmum · 10/11/2007 17:21

he has been working, saturday and sundays too, and been in not before 10 all this week, ive really been struggling on my own. Not practically but emotionally. I am letting him sleep because i know he is tired but i do feel a bit resentful

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TheQueenOfQuotes · 10/11/2007 17:26

I sort of know how you feel - DH works afternoons and evenings (leaves around lunchtime, gets home gone 9pm) so I have the entire afternoon/evening routine to do myself every day. He's also the one that gets up in the night with DS3 - so sleeps a little longer in the mornings - meaning I do the morning routine too.

Sometimes if he's not got enough sales he works Saturday and Sunday's too - and even if he doesn't go out and do "actual" work - he'll have loads of paperwork for his job to sort (he's usually too tired by the time he gets in during the week). That often means I'm left looking after the DS's "on my own" even at the weekends too. Then sometimes he'll doze off on the sofa and I'll feel a little bit like a "spare part"

Is there any chance you could have your romantic evening with him tomorrow night instead - so that he gets a chance to catch up on his sleep - I know DH is usually shattered 90% of the time - but if he's not worked at the weekend and has had extra sleep on the Saturday he's usually more sociable on the Sunday.


lucyellensmum · 10/11/2007 17:28

maybe although we have loads of paperwork to catch up on, no plans to go out, dd went to nap late so cant ask my mum as dd will be up late tonight. hey ho

OP posts:

Blu · 10/11/2007 17:30

It's not personal, or his view on your relationship - he's just knackered.
It sounds hard on you too - but you'll have a better day tomorrow if he has had some rest.
Nothing is enjoyable when you feel ill with tiredness.
Give yourself a little pick-me-up treat pr rest...rant here but try not to nag him


Hekate · 10/11/2007 17:33

He must be knackered, poor bloke. First day off in weeks - working 12 hour days or more??

No wonder he's fast asleep.

I can understand that you feel's hard work and a long day for you too! Try to remember that he works these hours for you, his family. I am sure he'd much prefer to be playing with dd and snuggling up to you.

Let him sleep and you can all enjoy tomorrow.


lucyellensmum · 10/11/2007 17:37

yes, i know he is tired, DD will be awake soon, do you think i should maybe go and offer some lurving or restrain myself?

OP posts:

LuckyUnderpants · 10/11/2007 17:40

he sounds like he is really very tired, but he wont sleep all night im sure, why not try and get the paper work and shopping with your mother out the way this evening when he wakes up and then do something nice together tomorrow. Or just be very nosiy so he cant sleep through it.

I do know how you feel when you are looking forward to some quality time with your dp and men dont seem to understand how important that is! my xp was married to his laptop so we never spend any real quality time together it was sad


LuckyUnderpants · 10/11/2007 17:41

blimey my spelling is awful and im sure i need glasses because i did read it before posting!


Hekate · 10/11/2007 17:45

Yeah, throw off all your clothes and leap onto him from the top of the sideboard.


lucyellensmum · 10/11/2007 17:57

great, now i've sprained my ankle trying to jump off the sideboard in wonderwoman stylee, and he is STILL snoring

OP posts:

Hekate · 10/11/2007 18:03


TheQueenOfQuotes · 10/11/2007 18:08

  • if he continues to sleep you can always come and join my (rather dull) party later - as my lovely DH who works long hours is half way across the country with his work team and the boss's (correct apostrophe?) wedding
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