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Lazy guests thread...

4 replies

fistasledge · 05/04/2021 11:55

I know this is a TAAT and will likely disappear


What happened? Was it outing or tell me it wasn't a troll? Was so invested and hoping OP had a lie in and told them to get helping today or leave!?

OP posts:

HollowTalk · 05/04/2021 11:56

There were doubts about the OP. I think it's because she said she was a single mum but her posts earlier in March 2021 were talking about her husband.


Wendyhause · 05/04/2021 11:59

Such a shame people think it a good idea to invent stories just to see the reaction. I was going to respond to that thread last night but decided against it as I had a feeling all was not as it seemed.


fistasledge · 05/04/2021 12:01

Oh that is a shame. And she couldn't have just changed a few drastic for privacy?

Such a weird threat to start if untrue. None of the drama hallmarks of a usual troll!

OP posts:

fistasledge · 05/04/2021 12:01

*details for privacy

OP posts:
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