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Advice on spring shoes- and trousers if anyone is up for a challenge. Shoes are urgent

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Vaccinebeliever · 04/04/2021 12:13

I’ve realised lockdown and children has made me very out of touch. Don’t know where to look for shoes and always have this problem at this time of year . I own very nice long winter boots and I have some very nice summer sandals but it’s too cold yet. Last spring and summer I wore slippers and flip flops every day. I am shoe size 5, dress size 10/12 and 5’5” so quite short but I hate being uncomfortable so flat or preferably nearly flat. I don’t need to wear anything specific for work but I like to look neat still wfh for now. I usually buy clothes in Dorothy Perkins etc. Can’t really stretch to Boden very often but I would like to. Usually buy shoes in Clarks (that’s a habit I picked up when shopping with kids) and now don’t know where to shop for shoes. Clarks size 5 guaranteed to fit well. Please send help

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