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Is my anxiety too much?

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Lullaby88 · 03/04/2021 19:47

I am in the last stage of pregnancy and I am feeling quite anxious about catching covid and made many sacrifices through out my whole pregnancy its been hard.
Iv been emotionally blackmailed by my mum for not leaving my older child there, my mum works as a t.a. in schools so i decided it wasnt a good idea to send her. I was guilt tripped and it really effected my mental health in the end i snapped and said il send her over to which my mum replied she thinks its not a good idea. This was months of comparing that other people still send their kids etc. It just made me feel like she wasnt looking out for me. I love her and she supports me in many ways like cooking, ringing me regularly etc but this was a hard hit.
Now my husband has jumped on the band wagon. He wants to go out and meet a bunch of people in a garden party and take my child. Initially it was just going to be 4 people but now its increased. Iv told him its making me feel anxious but he has responded saying im crazy and i wont let him do anything. He knows how it hurts me a lot that this garden party comes before my own health and also my mental health. He will be socialising with people who work on the public front and it does make me feel upset.
I literally feel so alone like im just not a priority even as a pregnant lady. It deeply saddens me like im having to look out for myself all the time and makes me feel mildly depressed. Iv told him he can do what he wants to do now as i am so fed up at this point. Can someone tell me am i being overly anxious? Bear in mind if i wasnt pregnant i would be a lot more easy going. Thanks.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Lavera9 · 03/04/2021 19:49

Clearly you can’t help it, but I think you are letting your anxiety control your life. Can you speak to your midwife? She may be able to refer you for some counselling.

I suffer from anxiety and I have had successful CBT before.


Lorieandrews · 03/04/2021 19:56

I do think you’re being over the top. But in the nicest way. You’ll need to get some help I feel. Otherwise you’ll never step out your door.

I do wish you the best though


Mellonsprite · 03/04/2021 20:08

I think the garden meet up would be ok.
With your current anxiety and train of thought how do you see this will improve with a new born?
I think taking small steps now is the best way forward?


Lullaby88 · 03/04/2021 20:15

I think after I have the baby I will be more relaxed. It's just for the moment I only have a few weeks left now. And I just think it is better to be slightly cautious at this point. Maybe my anxiety got the better of me or maybe I'm feeling as though. I feel really bad for my decisions now. But I really couldnt help it.

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JeanClaudeVanDammit · 03/04/2021 20:17

Outdoor meet ups are so, so low risk. Yes I think you are going over the top, although I think I can understand where it’s coming from. It’s definitely worth speaking to your midwife, there’s often more support available for prenatal mental health than there is for other people.


User7312019 · 03/04/2021 20:22

Outdoor meet ups are very low risk and you’re controlling your husband, it must be difficult be limited from seeing people for your older child also. Out of interest how many people do you know that got less anxious with a newborn compared to being pregnant? I think it will get worse and you need to speak to someone


Lullaby88 · 03/04/2021 20:44

I think its because iv read things like pregnant women are clinically vulnerable in the last stages of pregnancy. And also been advised to stay home as much as possible as the chances of getting hospitlised are higher at this stage and the chances of an emergency c section too.

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