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To think a person losing a stone in a week is impossible

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User566112 · 03/04/2021 15:20

I’ve just read that a friend has apparently lost that surely it’s impossible. She’s overweight by about five stone I would say.

OP posts:

Shortiemyboo · 03/04/2021 15:21

Its not. Vlc diet like the Cambridge plan, can be done


EsmeShelby · 03/04/2021 15:22

If someone is very overweight to begin with, then it is quite possible. A good bit of it will be water, though.


gingerbiscuit19 · 03/04/2021 15:23

If someone's very overweight they'll loose a lot of water weight. The scales will go down that much but it won't all necessarily be fat loaf.


ThePricklySheep · 03/04/2021 15:24

If you work out the calories burnt, so about 2,000. Say 2,500 to be generous. Then say she ate 0. That’s a deficit of 17,500. Each deficit of 3,500 is a pound lost. So I get 5lbs in a week if she ate nothing at all.


Vinto · 03/04/2021 15:24

I think it's possible to 'inflate' your start weight, and to lose 9/10lbs of actual (and water) weight that could make it look like a stone loss.

Body mass isn't a linear thing. Weighing first thing in the morning after using the bathroom, dehydrated can be a low reading. I can weigh later on in the same day and read 3/4lbs higher, sometimes even 5/6lbs higher after a big takeaway and 2 litres of coke. So if her starting weight was after a Chinese and coke, and then she cut the carbs for a week and her after weighing was fist thing in the morning then she could legitimately say she had lost a stone.


Happycat1212 · 03/04/2021 15:25

It’s definitely possible, I did it on the James Duncan diet but I imagine it would only happen if someone is very over weight to start with


ThePricklySheep · 03/04/2021 15:25

Please add ‘per day’ and ‘per week’ to my calculations where I’ve missed it!


MrsWP · 03/04/2021 15:26

Someone very overweight who goes low carb could yes. But half of that would be water weight that would go back on as soon as they had carbs.


Lellochip · 03/04/2021 15:26

I've 'lost' 10lbs in 4 days before. It was almost entirely water weight and was back just as quickly. thanks norovirus

So not impossible, but it won't be anywhere near a stone of fat loss.


Iamnotacerealkiller · 03/04/2021 15:27

Ive lost 8lb in a week and only started at just over 13st. I was eating a very strict, low carb and portion controlled diet though so i can well imagine losing considerably more if i weighed more and was eating even less such as a meal replacement diet. Like pp say however that will be mostly water and the the bulk of food in the gut that is no longer there. I doubt she will keep that up long or even into the second week however.


ChlamydiaSexPond · 03/04/2021 15:27

This is definitely a thing! I've done it a few times. It's doesn't stay off though and is mostly water


Fleahopper · 03/04/2021 15:28

I was only a stone overweight and lost 5lb in 5 days at the start of the harcombe diet, so yes I'd say it was possible from 5st overweight.


StartingGrid · 03/04/2021 15:28

I did nearly that (9lb in a week), thanks to a bad bout of food poisoning once!


ViolaValentina · 03/04/2021 15:29

I'm a couple of stones overweight and lost 7lb in a week before, someone at my old Slimming World group weighed around 26 stone and lost 16lb in a week, so it can definitely be done. As pp have said, probably a lot of water lost though, as well as fat.


peachhouses · 03/04/2021 15:29

No it is possible


BarbaraofSeville · 03/04/2021 15:30

Yes, as Vinto says, exaggerate your starting weight by a few pounds by having one last salty fatty carby blowout before starting on a hardcore low carb diet can lose a stone in a week, but obviously it's not 14 pounds of fat, probably less than half that.

I did Slimming World a few years ago and one of the members was a very overweight man who probably had an eating disorder so would go through periods of doing really well for a week or two but would then reverse all his good work by binging on fast food and alcohol and his gains and losses were at least 12 pounds on more than one occasion. I think he almost saw it as a challenge to gain or lose 10+ pounds in a week or preferably a stone, I'm fairly certain there was a loss of 15 pounds in a week at least once.


LadyWithLapdog · 03/04/2021 15:30

The cabbage soup diet or the first week on Slimming World or WeightWatchers. I’ve lost about 4.5kg but it tailed off rapidly. It was mostly water.


30scrisis · 03/04/2021 15:31

Very possible. The second time I went back to SW, won't do
It nowadays, I lost 17lb in a week. I was quite overweight and had a VERY bad diet beforehand.


LeSquigh · 03/04/2021 15:33

It is possible yes, but the only time I’ve done it was taking speed all weekend in my early twenties and it went back on quickly 🤣


ListeningQuietly · 03/04/2021 15:33


No problem.


Zoecarter · 03/04/2021 15:34

Why are you bothered??


ComDummings · 03/04/2021 15:35

It’s definitely possible. It won’t be all fat loss though.


WaltzesWithSnobs · 03/04/2021 15:37

Yes, definitely possible. Possibly not advisable, perhaps not healthy but absolutely possible. I could lose a stone by this evening if I were to chop my leg now this afternoon.


Canigooutyet · 03/04/2021 15:40

I’m not over weigh and can loose a stone in a week if my toilet habits are out of whack and haven’t been taking anything to keep me regular.


Iremembertheelderlykoreanlady · 03/04/2021 15:41

Yes it's possible

Why do you care? If they are your friend wouldn't you be happy for them?

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