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To feel guilty?

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Jasmin82 · 30/03/2021 17:48

I guess I'm a bit unreasonable, but I can't help feeling guilty.
Yesterday, when I was going to the supermarket, there were NHS volunteers on the doors asking people entering and leaving if they'd had the Covid vaccine. I told them no and, guessing they were only singling out over-50's said I wasn't over 50. The volunteer said it looked like I had an underlying health condition (I guess the wheelchair kind of gives it away). I joked that they should try explaining that to my GP, and was told to go down to the pop-up in the carpark and ask them if I was eligible. I went in and did my shop before going down to the pop-up. The staff there confirmed that I was eligible for the vaccine and that, if I was happy to go ahead, I'd get the last dose they had. I accepted.
However, I'm now feeling guilty about what if there had been someone else who had also fallen through the group 6 crack who was in worse health than me who missed out and that I was being greedy and could have just waited for my age group to be called.
AIBU to feel guilty about potentially letting someone else miss out yesterday?

OP posts:
berryhead2013 · 30/03/2021 20:17

You were eligible and you got it don't feel bad it may have gone to waste

SeasonFinale · 30/03/2021 20:23


How does this work with getting your second dose?

Now that her first dose is logged she can go on to the NHS site and book her second direct.
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