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My feet are smaller than what I’ve been wearing.

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Hello26474 · 30/03/2021 15:05

Light hearted. No point to this post really. I don’t think I’ve ever had my feet measured since I was probably 10 - I’m nearly 30! Since I was a teen I’ve worn a size 7. Some particularly shoes like heels or pumps may feel loose but all good in boots and trainers etc.

I’ve tried on a size 6 before and they’ve fit but too snug. My feet are quite wide.

Sooo I’ve bought a Clark’s gauge to measure DC’s feet and I’ve measured at a 5-5.5. Wtf? Are they accurate? They seem pretty accurate with DC’s size but to think I can’t be 2 sizes smaller than that I’ve been wearing? 😂😂

I’m a little confused right now!

Cant imagine fitting into a size 5 😂

OP posts:

SummaLuvin · 30/03/2021 15:06

snooooozzzeeee yabu


Ninkanink · 30/03/2021 15:10

It might work with Clark’s shoes but it doesn’t automatically translate to other brands - their contraptions measure relative to their specific sizing system and footwear made by them.

Clark’s do come up big - I wear 7 in a lot of other brands because my feet are wide but I easily fit Clark’s 6.5.


Ninkanink · 30/03/2021 15:13

Meant to add I think it’s quite conceivable that you might be a 6 in Clark’s footwear. Not very likely that there’s a full 2 sizes difference.

Clark’s would also likely tell you that it measures children’s feet accurately (likely to be less variables so easier to generalise) but not adults’.


stackemhigh · 30/03/2021 15:29

I don't think I've ever measured my feet. I wear sizes 4, 4.5, 5 and 5.5.

Makes online shoe shopping fun!

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