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To wonder what has happened to Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe?

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HeartsAndClubs · 29/03/2021 12:54

She went to trial on the 14th of March and should apparently have received a verdict within 7 working days, and yet no more has been heard of her?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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yeOldeTrout · 29/03/2021 12:57

It wasn't a trial on 14th March, more like an arraignment, so deciding if to be tried. Sucks. Just being victimised to boost ego of the regime.


TooOldandTired · 29/03/2021 13:01

They are now saying it might be Easter before the verdict. It is so awful, they are just torturing the poor women. I feel so sorry for her and her family.


lazylump72 · 29/03/2021 16:45

I was thinking the same OP.Its gone very quiet the reporting . My heart aches for the entire family,


Arrowheart · 29/03/2021 16:46

I was just thinking the same today. They made a huge issue of Monday last week when she would find out some more information but then all reporting about her seemed to go quiet. I really hope that she gets out soon and gets home. This must be agonising for her and her family.


Hailtomyteeth · 29/03/2021 16:47

Adding my thoughts and prayers. I hope they let her come home.


MassDebate · 29/03/2021 16:53

I’ve been wondering this. Am hoping she’s being quietly squirrelled out and home and we’ll find out when she’s here. Poor woman’s ordeal has gone in long enough 🤞🏻


Felifox · 29/03/2021 17:19

This is a heartbreaking case. Nazanin is a dual national but Iran doesn't recognise dual nationality. Her dh and dd are both UK citizens, and their dd, Gabriella will only ever be a UK national as Iranian citizenship is determined by your df's nationality.

Those of you who are older will be aware that in 1979 the Shah of Persia was overthrown and the country became Iran. The prepaid contract for chieftain tanks ordered by the Shah was cancelled. It's agreed that £400million is owed by the contractor, now the UK govt. The claim is in the process of being settled and I believe there is a hearing in London shortly regarding the interest. Due to international sanctions against Iran this may have to be settled by humanitarian aid.

In 2016 Nazanin took her then 21 month yr old dd to visit her dps in Iran. She was arrested at the airport as she went to catch a flight to the UK on what appear to be trumped up charges. It was suggested that if the UK settled this debt she would be released. We're going back pre Brexit vote, Cameron, May and now Johnson govts. Nazanin was given a 5yr jail sentence and released from house arrest and then put back on trial.

She has diplomatic protection (not tge same as diplomatic immunity) from the UK government who have condemned her treatment and she has international support. But it seems likely that the decision on her second charge may be delayed until that claim is settled. But Nazanin and Richard haven't seen each other since she left for Iran, she's not had her dd with her either. That little girl has been denied family life for over 5 years. Many of us support this family as they fight injustice to get her back to her family.

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