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... to be annoyed at loud neighbour (yet infrequent)?

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Mowly75 · 28/03/2021 20:48

Ah yes tonight is the night my ndn gets back with a mate or two from wherever she has been all week obviously breaking lockdown rules & laughs and yells and squeals all night. By my bedroom. Bad conversion (hers) / Victorian terrace situation . But! She is away a lot of the time - maybe around a third, maybe more. So AIBU to complain?! No drip feeding: I live with DD2 & a trumpet player, so I think IWBU. Although all our noise is daytime only, to be fair.

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Returnoftheowl · 28/03/2021 20:59

Unfortunately I think if you play the trimpet then you probably can't complain about the neighbour's noise.


GoryGilmore · 28/03/2021 21:01

Living next door to a trumpet player would drive me insane. And you’re saying it’s only one night a week she does this? I would let it go, buy some earplugs or something.


Hellodarknessmyoldpal · 28/03/2021 21:03

Depends if the noise is going on all night and affecting your sleep. And if it's a regular occurrence? I think if you complain you could expect one back if you have a trumpet player in your house.

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