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Has anyone ever experienced this light headedness?

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samedaydifferent · 27/03/2021 13:04

Hoping for traffic.

It's been happening for years. It's like a slight weight above my eyebrows and a little ache/pressure near my temples and eyes and also resting on top of my brows. It happens at least once a month.
Makes me feel like I'm not in reality and I really have to work very hard for my eyes to focus on something further away - I can see what it is fine but it's like 95% in focus and I have to really try to focus the other 5% to get a crisp picture.
I have no issues with coordination.

I feel a bit disassociated from reality even though I know exactly what's happening and can recognise that I'm feeling that way but I don't know why or how. I struggle to focus in general and feel like I can't get on with things. I also feel a bit lightheaded and weak at times and like I need to eat/drink something but unsure what - to make me feel better physically.

Apologies if this sounds like nonsense I just don't want to keep ignoring it. I have two young DCs and I feel like I can't be bothered to interact with them properly when this happens and I have much less patience.
Does anyone experience something similar or is this feeling not even a thing?

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WilsonMilson · 27/03/2021 13:16

Do you have migraine? Prodrome to migraine can feel a bit like that.

Have you had your eyes tested recently? Also, dry eyes can cause fatigue and headache behind and above the eyes. I use hyloforte eye drops and they have helped massively.

As for the lightheaded weak feeling and feeling the need to eat, that can be blood sugar related or also migraine related. You don’t need to have a massive crashing headache to have migraine, often they cause other symptoms too.


gubbinsy · 27/03/2021 13:17

I get this from time to time - it's definitely linked to hormones for me and generally happens the week before I'm due on.


AmIDoingThisRight · 27/03/2021 13:35

Get your blood pressure checked. Could be on the lower side of normal. Also, make sure you're getting enough vitamin D.


Hoorayhenryyah · 27/03/2021 15:45

Could it be deja vus? I get really intense deja vus sometimes, I don’t know what triggers it. I get an intense wave of nausea and feeling a bit outpaced out with it. Really strange!


Namenic · 27/03/2021 16:02

Maybe see a gp about this? (though if it has been going on for several years with no other ill effects or progression then maybe less likely to be worrying?)


OverByYer · 27/03/2021 16:03

I get similar, I have low blood pressure and if my blood sugars get low I feel like this


Namenic · 27/03/2021 16:03

But it would be good to get checked up. They may be able to check your blood pressure, bloods and heart tracing.

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