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To be disappointed in the ending of behind her eyes spoiler alert

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User566668 · 25/03/2021 22:27

I was hoping rob would get found out however he wasn’t.

OP posts:

StopGuacAndRoll · 25/03/2021 22:29

How would you think he would get found out?

I remember the mind blowing moment when I got it


User566668 · 25/03/2021 22:31

I was hoping Louise would have not have died and been able to reveal what she saw when travelling

OP posts:

PleaseReferToMeAsBritneySpears · 25/03/2021 22:38

I think it was cool to have an alarming ending for a change and not have everything tied up all neat. My heart broke for the little boy though. I hope he goes to live with his dad.


GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 25/03/2021 22:48

I found it terrifying!

And yes, poor boy. I also hope he goes to stay with his Dad. Well, as it’s fiction I’ve decided that he does!


thisgardenlife · 25/03/2021 22:57

I'm not sure everyone fully 'got' the ending. It was definitely a shock when it suddenly hit home.

I'd already read the book where it was more obvious, so I was interested to see how they were going to get the message across on screen.

I think it worked, but it was bizarre and wasn't spelt out so I think some people might have missed the point.


BurbageBrook · 25/03/2021 22:59

YANBU, I thought it was a totally stupid and silly ending and ruined the programme!


WisnaeMe · 25/03/2021 23:04

It left me utterly sickened, I know it's not real, but OMG I wish I hadn't watched it. 🥺

In the spirit of full disclosure (in relation to another Thread 🤣) I Fast Forwarded through the sex scenes 😳


UseYourIllusion · 25/03/2021 23:06

I enjoyed it to the point where I found out Eve Hewson is Bono’s daughter. From then on in though I could only see Bono circa 1984.

Annoyingly DH said “That’s Rob” in the penultimate episode. I have no idea how he worked it out.


TheKeatingFive · 25/03/2021 23:09

The actress playing Louise did a good job at portraying the ‘difference’ behind the eyes as the character changed.

It was enjoyable nonsense. I liked the fact that they pushed credibility too far. It was certainly different.


giantwaterbottle · 25/03/2021 23:10

Ergh it made me so angry, I even stayed up to watch the last episode. What a load of shite!


Charlottejade89 · 26/03/2021 07:54

I haven't seen the TV show so I dont know if the ending is that same but I've read the book and it's by far one of the best books I've ever read and the ending was brilliant. so shocking and wasn't expecting it at all


TheFuckingDogs · 26/03/2021 08:08

I’ve just finished it and keep waking up in the night very unsettled 🤣


zzizzer · 26/03/2021 08:11

I read a spoiler early on on Mumsnet, and ended up telling DH before he got too invested. An incredulous "astral projection?!" is now one of our little phrases Grin

It's rubbish storytelling, like ending on a "it was all a dreammmm".


Woodlandbelle · 26/03/2021 08:11

I didn't like the ending either and nobody I have talked to about it liked it. So yep. Shite ending. I absoultely loved it the whole way through though. So I don't regret watching.


Autumn101 · 26/03/2021 08:13

Awful ending, I really enjoyed until it went all ridiculous sci-if


picklemewalnuts · 26/03/2021 08:22

I felt the astral projection bit was a ridiculous addition to a great thriller. Then the last couple of episodes, realised it was the keystone! Irritating.

Very clever how the concern for the vulnerable character shifts from person to person across the drama!


picklemewalnuts · 26/03/2021 08:23

I was annoyed with the husband though, for not realising!


AndIquote · 26/03/2021 08:35

Reminded me of that Spice Girls video when they are fairies flying about. Then it got a bit meh.


alwayslearning789 · 26/03/2021 18:20

"Very clever how the concern for the vulnerable character shifts from person to person across the drama!"

Yes, and well put together in that way.

Loved the ending, hadn't read the book so the twist at the end was unexpected and had the shock factor for me.


bitheby · 26/03/2021 18:29

Watched it a few weeks ago. Realised afterwards that the chopping technique was a clue.


Skysblue · 26/03/2021 23:39

That show annoyed me so much. I was really enjoying it for the first couple of episodes! I signed up to watch a murder-free psychological thing about marriage breakdown/affairs. Then wtf - bodies and supernatural powers and what a sad ending.

What a waste of time. Great acting though.


tinyme77 · 26/03/2021 23:46

I thought that the ending was unnecessary. I lso recognise it from something else that I have watched. Is it Black Mirror?


HeyDemonsItsYaGirl · 26/03/2021 23:51

It was silly. The first few episodes were so down to earth (dare I say dull?) then it became quite an interesting psychological thriller and then the stupid supernatural element came in and ruined it.


Mooloolabababy · 26/03/2021 23:55

Yep, thought it was a shit ending. It seemed like the first half of the series was good, then it just took a downward spiral!
I also felt really sad for the boy Sad


poufsouffle · 26/03/2021 23:59

Yes really disappointed. I never read the book but found it really not that far away from a YA book called 'the stolen' by Alex Shearer. That was about astral projection, and stealing bodies. Only it was a happy ending.

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