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To keep eating away at my (pictured!) toe?

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Easeljeasel · 25/03/2021 19:31

Sorry, it was a toss up between here and sporners corner but opted for traffic before my toe lops off. I’m asthmatic and trying to dodge chiropodist etc til I’ve had the vaccine (probably being precious, but still) so trying to self-treat a stupid corn at home.

Had it for about two months, excruciatingly painful at one point, still pretty sore now but not as bad. Anyway, all the thick, hard skin needed to go as it was digging in so painfully whenever I wore shoes (exclusively wearing trainers now but still hurts) so got some of those corn salycylic acid plasters.

Been 3 days and the contents of this gross picture has resulted. Is this a good sign and I should keep applying the plasters and it will eventually fall off (bork), or is, as I suspect, this evidence that said plasters are devouring my whole little toe?! What is all the surrounding white skin that was never involved in the initial problem about?! Are these plasters as a matter of fact eating my whole toe?!

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Easeljeasel · 25/03/2021 19:33

Buggery, can’t work out how to add pics. Watch this space...

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MereDintofPandiculation · 25/03/2021 19:41

Usually, if you have even an ordinary plaster covering a cut for as long as three days, the skin underneath goes white and puffy


EveryDayIsADuvetDay · 25/03/2021 19:55

assuming you're on a PC or laptop, save the picture on your laptop, click on "choose file" below, then "open" you'll see the file name on the screen once its attached.
Preview before you post if you want to check it.
Not entirely sure I want to see it - maybe too much information!

When I read the thread title, I thought it was something escaped from the "disgusting things you've seen on mumsnet" - I thought you were eating your own toe rather than a plaster devouring it.


Easeljeasel · 25/03/2021 20:15

Haha you probably don't want to see it @EveryDayIsADuvetDay (much worse than the other thread's bedding washing controversies) which is just as well given I've now tried to upload pics via phone, ipad and laptop and still to no avail... Maybe plaster is actually eating away at my brain.

OP posts:

RIBlue · 25/03/2021 20:43

I had a very stubborn and very painful corn. I tried plasters but did find they turned the skin around white and then that skin peeled off without doing anything else. Probably not advisable but I took to just having a bath to get it soft and then picking the ‘core’ of the corn out. Probably did it three times and it hasn’t come back since, probably 2 years ago.


ToffeePennie · 26/03/2021 07:19

Please just get an FHP on it. We only charge £25-£30 per treatment and we can get rid of corns much, much easier than trying it yourself.
I have just managed to remove a corn in 3 sessions. £75 and she’s now totally pain free, without the use of harsh acids and plasters, just me and a scalpel. Plus I managed to get the rest of her feet looking and feeling lovely, to the point where she has no other foot health issues whatsoever, and is now comfortable all the time. No dry skin or anything.

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