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Wet hair??

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Tegan221 · 25/03/2021 14:04

Does anybody else’s baby cry once you’ve washed your hair? I come out the bathroom and every time without fail, she’ll look directly at me and just scream for long periods. She’s 7 months old, just wondering if it’s common.

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CruCru · 25/03/2021 14:08

I had a maternity nurse who said that for the first few weeks (can't remember how long), it's a good idea to keep your hair the same as the baby looks at the shape of your face and hair, rather than your features. However, I shouldn't think this is necessary at seven months.

When my son was a baby he would cry at Thomas the tank engine. Children are just funny sometimes.


Lujie · 25/03/2021 15:51

Yes! I had to wash my hair in the evenings so that my youngest son didn't see me with wet hair for a while. He would really cry. About the age of yours if I recall. It was ok a few months later and it helped by having him watch what I was doing so that he understood why I looked so different. (Big wild hair to drowned rats tails)


StillCoughingandLaughing · 25/03/2021 15:58

Have you got very distinctive hair? As someone with an awful lot of very curly hair, I remember my niece looking totally freaked out the first time she saw me with it tied up. I took it down and recognition dawning on her face. I made a game of it then, pulling it back and letting it free - she thought it was hysterical Grin


suspiria777 · 25/03/2021 16:03

i personally never look uglier than in the mirror at the hairdresser, so i can certainly that face would terrify a child.


Happycat1212 · 25/03/2021 16:04

None of my 4 ever did that.


ParadiseLaundry · 25/03/2021 16:09

When my oldest was about 8mo he saw me with wet hair for the first time and he found it hysterically funny! We've got videos Grin


Shodan · 25/03/2021 16:27

Aw. Ds2 did that at about the same age.

First I went into his room with my wet hair in a towel turban. He cried- full on wobbly lip and everything.
I took the towel off and ran my hand through my hair- he cried some more.
Scarped it back into a pony tail (my usual hairdo)- magically stopped crying.

Funny little weirdo Grin


Tegan221 · 28/03/2021 21:57

Yeah, I have really curly hair. As soon as I’ve got out of the shower she screams for at least 20 minutes. I think putting it up in a towel is the best way to go then 😂

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