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To want some sleep

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Anastar23 · 25/03/2021 05:34

We have a 5 week old. EBF and some issues so feeding a lot currently(awaiting referral for Tongue tie). Current sleep situation is she spends first half of night in next to me crib, awakes approx every two hours for feed sometimes a little less than 2 hours never more than! About 1-2am she comes in bed to bedshare(following lullaby trust please no comments re this). I do approx 2 nappy changes per night also.
My question is re DP getting up with her at around 5am when she wakes, to allow me 2 hours uninterrupted sleep before older DD gets up to do school run.
He is currently working 8-1/2pm (less than usual due to covid). He does occasionally get up with her but quite often will say he hasn’t slept well.
I’ve asked him to sleep in spare room numerous times so he can get a good nights sleep as I don’t see the point of him being disturbed if he’s not doing anything but hasn’t done this yet.
Aibu to want him to get up when young dd wakes so I can get a little sleep?!!

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Bubba1208 · 25/03/2021 08:17


I have a 5 week old & it is tough
My OH likes to make it into a competition about who's had more sleep
"You've had 4 hours & ive only had 3 🙄"

Can you not work out some form of rota ?
So you both can have a night or two with some good sleep ?

We do this on the weekend so we both get a night of undisturbed sleep


Anastar23 · 25/03/2021 16:12

This sound similar. I'm constantly told how tired he is.
I'm breastfeeding so can't have a night off, I literally want 1-2 hours in a morning 😩

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