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To wish that parents wouldn't use an umbrella in the playground when its raining?

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MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 15:42

Th waiting area in our school is small enough, without having to play dodge the umbrella. You can't see the children coming out over the tops and often get a trickle of rain water down your collar from someone standing next to you! Today, I have an injury! Some soppy moo, who had already hacked someone off, prodded me in the head with one of the spokes and drew blood, fgs!

Its not a bloody fashion parade, put a bloody hat or or wear a hood!

Rant over!

OP posts:

Lulumama · 08/11/2007 15:43

well, i would use a hat, but often they absorb water, and or it drips down your neck and if i wear my hood up, i actually cannot see out from under it.. sorry you got hurt though


MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 15:53

Grr! Fair point! how about one of those plastic fold away ones, like the oldies have when they've been for their blue rinse!

OP posts:

morningpaper · 08/11/2007 15:56

rofl @ umbrella rage

you lot are bonkers


Lulumama · 08/11/2007 15:56

or a plastic rain hat!


EffiePerine · 08/11/2007 15:58


Greensleeves · 08/11/2007 15:59

Yes, you are barking

if you don't want to get prodded, watch where you're going fgs


MamaG · 08/11/2007 16:00

Oh poor Mo

I hope you gave her what for!


totaleclipse · 08/11/2007 16:01

Blimey, the audacity at those peole using umbrellas when its raining.......shocking


MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 16:01

You can't move for gooddamn umbrellas, even if you are watching where you are going, looking out for 3 children, pushing a pram and holding the hand of a toddler!

I will however, concede that IABU, when my head stops hurting!

OP posts:

totaleclipse · 08/11/2007 16:03

oops, meant to add a on the end of my post.


LoveAngel · 08/11/2007 16:04

Urm, yes YABU. Umbrellas are designed for rainy days. It's not a crime to use one.


MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 16:09

AND, just to add insult to injury, its now absolutely chucking it down, and I've got to do the same trip to collect mindee from after school club! God forbid anyone hacks me off, I'm on the edge! I feel like Michael Douglas in that film Falling Down, when he goes on the rampage with a riffle because he's had a bit of a bad day!

OP posts:

seb1 · 08/11/2007 16:12

You need a nice one like royality have, birdcage style, so you can see through and the spokes point down this


MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 16:22

Sadly, I don't have enough hands to hold an umbrella, which is probably why I'm p*ssed off. Its probably !

OP posts:

belgo · 08/11/2007 16:23

I find umbrellas far more hassle then they are worth. A good rain coat is far better and doesn't usually injure anyone.



pukkapatch · 08/11/2007 16:24

hat, or hood.
umbreellas are compeltely useless things ime


Oblomov · 08/11/2007 16:39



MaureenMLove · 08/11/2007 16:48

Yay! Thats two people who agree with me! Now, where's Kbear?, she'll stick up for me!

OP posts:

Hekate · 08/11/2007 16:50

It's only rain. I don't understand why some people are so terrified of it. Fear of drowning? Melting? Misunderstood reports of acid rain?

I don't even own an umbrella. If it rains, I get wet. I have yet to suffer injury.


Swedes2Turnips1 · 08/11/2007 16:50

I have an aversion to umbrellas. YANBU.


HuwEdwards · 08/11/2007 16:51

I always use an umbrella


NAB3littlemonkeys · 08/11/2007 16:52

I agree as I think sometimes people don't use them with courtesy to other people.


gizmo · 08/11/2007 16:53

I've got just the thing for you Maureen


2shoes · 08/11/2007 16:56

YANBU I hate unbrellas


HuwEdwards · 08/11/2007 16:58

my hair hates rain.

I look like Noddy Holder even when it gets a bit humid.

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