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To be so sick of selfish dog owners...The seal pup in London

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TickTockTick21 · 22/03/2021 20:25

It’s in the news that a seal pup has been mauled by an off lead dog. The seal pup now is likely to be put down.

Recent story of an off lead husky attacking lambs and sheep . A few months ago an off lead dog mauled a deer which had to be destroyed.

Numerous stories of swans being mauled by off lead dogs. On top of the numerous stories of children being attacked by off lead dogs.

Ffs why are people so bloody stupid and selfish! Keep your dog on a lead near wildlife!

I feel so sad for the seal pup . AIBU to think laws need to be tightened around off lead dogs?

I say this as a dog lover and owner .

OP posts:

Racoonworld · 22/03/2021 20:31

Yes completely agree. And also people need to keep dogs on leads in al public areas and parks if they can’t keep them under control. No I don’t want your dog sniffing around my baby in her pram. I don’t care if you say they’re friendly just don’t allow it to happen.


Sparklesocks · 22/03/2021 20:33

Ah the poor thing. I was watching the report about it on the news and within that short time it was learnt that they had to put it down. So sad.


TickTockTick21 · 22/03/2021 20:42

It’s abhorrent that people think their dogs’ right to off lead walking trumps the safety of others.

My dog is never allowed off lead in public places; whether that be a park or public walks such as forests because I can’t guarantee he won’t run up to someone to say hello or chase a rabbit etc. He gets a decent run in our large garden playing fetch and in enclosed deserted fields for his exercise .

I would be devastated if he hurt a wild animal .

OP posts:

Skysblue · 22/03/2021 20:46

Yanbu. I’m so fed up of other people’s untrained dogs jumping all over me.

Love a well-trained dog but most people don’t bother it seems.


Hohofortherobbers · 22/03/2021 20:46

This is so sad, I hope they prosecute the owner and the dog is pts.


Sawyersfishbiscuits · 22/03/2021 20:54

Yes. I saw an off the lead Rottweiler attack another passing dog last week. Poor dog yelped but actually both owners seemed fine! I was just glad my kids weren't stool in between them!
No excuse not to use a lead.


1Morewineplease · 22/03/2021 20:55

Slightly off thread but I don't understand why huskies are even considered as domestic pets.


Lockheart · 22/03/2021 20:56

If the owner is the lady in the photos (I understand the owner was female and three men tried to help her get the dog off the seal, which ties in with the photos) which have been released, she's clearly gone jogging wearing one of those belt-leashes which appears to have broken. The dog is in a harness.

I don't think she was walking the dog off-lead.


Dazedandconfused28 · 22/03/2021 20:56

I can't help but agree that there seem to be more irresponsible dog owners about...maybe they're just out walking more. I took 2 year old DS to the park yesterday, we went in a fenced off picnic area where dogs have to be kept on s lead. We went there because DS is quite timid of dogs. He was happily running through a play tunnel when a woman let her 2 (quite big & boisterous) dogs off the lead, they both went straight into the tunnel & DS was trapped between them, terrified & shaking. She told me they were friendly- but neither would return to her call. It's not even that I don't trust her judgment in regards to her dogs- but equally she doesn't know if my toddler will grab or pull at them either. I do respect people's right to let their dogs run in the park- I just wish people could understand that not everyone is a dog lover & having dogs under control is paramount.


HappyRaven · 22/03/2021 20:58

I keep thinking about the poor seal. It's so sad. Apparently there were signs warning people to keep dogs away from him as well. Well done to the people who stayed with him and tried to get the dog off.


OhToBeASeahorse · 22/03/2021 20:58

Gosh @Dazedandconfused28 that must have been scary.


Easterbunnygettingready · 22/03/2021 20:58

Our Husky is a very well loved and cared for ddog.
Until last year we had a Rottweiler also. Never bitten /attached /gotten off lead..


MammaSchwifty · 22/03/2021 21:03

yes, and those who allow their dogs to leap all over small children. and don't get me started on the dog shit everywhere


TooBored1 · 22/03/2021 21:04

Long time dog owner here - I'm so bloody sick of a minority of owners behaving like this.

Had a huge mouthful for a dog owner who was repeatedly throwing a ball into the river for the dog to fetch, right into the middle of nesting birds. He was doing it deliberately as the birds being scared made it more fun for the dog.

So many local swans and their nests have been killed/ransacked by dogs.


tilder · 22/03/2021 21:04

That's quite disturbing. Poor seal, the injuries were pretty nasty. A seal that won't eat in in a very poor way.

Worrying about the dog too. Looks like the seal was hauled out and the dog attacked it. Distressing all round.


TickTockTick21 · 22/03/2021 21:05

I’ve just read the seal pup has now died. I feel so sad about this. It was a completely preventable death of an innocent animal. The pictures of it’s little face after the attack Sad

OP posts:

WithTeaTree · 22/03/2021 21:06

I saw the photos and found them really upsetting. Such selfish, irresponsible dog ownership.


OliviaBensonsEyebrow · 22/03/2021 21:06

I've got a big, friendly, daft dog. I never let him off the lead in public places, not because I think he'll bite but because he will probably steal people's food and try and sit on random people's knees. I appreciate that not everyone likes dogs and wouldn't find this behaviour endearing. He could easily knock a child over as he tries to befriend them.

His training hasn't gone too well as dog school has mostly been shut this last year. Although we are trying. I wonder if there are more badly trained dogs around because of this.

In the meantime, we will keep trying and hope he naturally calms down as he gets older.


userxx · 22/03/2021 21:07

I've not seen this and I'm not going to look for it. Poor thing 😞


Lockheart · 22/03/2021 21:09


I saw the photos and found them really upsetting. Such selfish, irresponsible dog ownership.

If they're the same photos I've seen then one possibility is that the owner had the dog on a lead but it broke / slipped. Look at the woman in leggings with a loose trailing belt leash and the dogs harness.

OliviaBensonsEyebrow · 22/03/2021 21:09


I’ve just read the seal pup has now died. I feel so sad about this. It was a completely preventable death of an innocent animal. The pictures of it’s little face after the attack Sad

It's horrific. I felt sad when I saw the photos. The seal was so distressed.

Dobbyismyfavourite · 22/03/2021 21:09

I'm not a dog owner but have been brought up with dogs but I'm so fed up having big dogs jump up at me with muddy paws whilst a besotted owner looks on indulgently. And the amount of dog poo on our pavements is getting ridiculous.

The story of the seal being attached was very sad and I hope the dog owner is prosecuted.


Lachimolala · 22/03/2021 21:13

Oh gosh @Dazedandconfused28 you must’ve been terrified, sorry to hear that happened.


AnaofBroceliande · 22/03/2021 21:16

YANBU. It should be mandatory leads in public.


TickTockTick21 · 22/03/2021 21:17

@Lockheart some news outlets are reporting the owner left the scene after recalling the dog.

It’s noted passersby helped the seal.

OP posts:
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