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Struggling to lose weight

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Cherryvalentine · 22/03/2021 15:59

I'm 169cm and 9st 9, so not overweight by any means, but flabby all over and with a bloated belly. However I've gained a stone and a half in the last couple of years. I'm
I know what I have to eat, I'm just hungry all the time for some reason.
I calorie count and my portions are controlled.
I don't believe in diets as I think you end up gaining the weight again, but I need to change the way I eat.
I've cut out sugar, but haven't noticed any difference in my weight.
I walk a lot, run occasionally and have started doing home workouts.
I think I just love food too much. Does anybody have any success stories or ideas they have which have worked?
I suppose I need to cut out all refined carbs, I'm just hungry all the time and love food too much, I need to rewire my thinking.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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britnay · 22/03/2021 16:04

Cut out the carbs :) Replace them with protein and fat. Drink plenty of water. You'll feel like shit for a few days, but your appetite and weight will decrease comfortably.


Babyg1995 · 22/03/2021 16:12

You may be eating enough calories to maintain your weight but not lose any I would get the fitness pal app and log everything I'm 5.7 and now 10 stone I had to cut my calories to 1200 to lose weight .


Heretooutthere · 22/03/2021 16:13

Have a look at the principles of The Fast 800 - high protein, low carb/sugar. You also need to be drinking at least 2-3 litres of water daily.


Cherryvalentine · 22/03/2021 16:20

Thanks for the suggestions :) i probably am just maintaining my weight but need to reduce the calories. I get very hungry after 2-3 hours and feel sick if I don't eat, I just love food a lot but I don't like my body at the moment.

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CeibaTree · 22/03/2021 18:08

Unless there is a medical reason, no-one needs to be eating every two to three hours - agree with a pp, have a look at the fast 800 book and cut down on carbs. But on the other hand if you are feeling sick if you don't eat it's probably best of you seek medical advice first as that could be indicative of hypoglycemia - have you ever been tested for diabetes?


Bipitybopityboop · 22/03/2021 21:40

Intermittent fasting is your friend.

Replace breakfast with hot water and have your first meal at lunchtime.

Every other day have low carb meals where you avoid grains as much as you can.
So no rice or pasta or bread (how I love bread Smile )

Drink only water or hot drinks (no juices, fizzy or alcohol).

No sugar or any sweet treats etc at all for most of the week.

Have one to two days a week which are treat days.

I have been doing this since 2015 and as long as I stick to it, the weight stays off.
I have plenty of energy and no concentration issues whilst fasting.

Give it a go. If it doesn't work then try an alternative.


SummaLuvin · 22/03/2021 21:43

What has this got to do with being unreasonable? Confused.....


Jangle33 · 22/03/2021 21:47

You really don’t sound like you need to lose weight Op. are you exercising?


samsmum2 · 22/03/2021 21:49

OP I could have written your post. I'm 5'6'' and 9 stone 12 but untoned and my stomach is horribly flabby. I'm 53 and have had 3 kids and right in the middle of menopause so I'm putting a lot of it down to that, but doesn't make it any better. I too love food but massively control what I eat in order to just maintain my weight. In the last 4 weeks I've given up carbs in the evening, and white flour almost entirely, and have lost 2 pounds. Sugar is my downfall... but other than the odd treat, I couldn't each much less without falling over. How old are you?


IWANTCHOCOLATES · 22/03/2021 21:54

I've just read 'Why we eat (too much)' by Dr Andrew Jenkinson and I'm starting a new way of approaching food tomorrow. No more dieting or fasting for me! Obviously, haven't done it yet but there is a whole lot of science in that book, fascinating reading.


Gandalfsthong · 22/03/2021 22:11

I’m doing the human being diet (book off Amazon). It’s been a revelation. I wasn’t eating enough protein, sleeping enough, drinking enough water and was exercising too much. First couple of weeks were tough, feel so much better now and am almost down to goal weight when it becomes a lifestyle with a couple of simple rules each day. Think for me it was a combo of not doing the above and too many sugary snacks. Much like what previous posters have said. Good luck!

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