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Takeaway mocha

6 replies

Tess3 · 21/03/2021 17:22

Just paid £4.10 in a local franchise cafe for a large takeaway oatmilk mocha...
Is it just me or is that crazy money?
Fair enough oatmilk is more expensive to buy in but this seems extortionate.
Prepared to be old no, that this is normal enough
(large enough town in northern ireland in case that would have any relevance)

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Am I being unreasonable?


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LAgeDeRaisin · 21/03/2021 17:31

I've had a think about this because although it sounds a lot:

I'd probably expect to pay £2.75 for a large americano. Now that's just espresso and water (free). I googled the volume of a large takeaway drink at Starbucks and it's 470ml! Nearly half a litre.

So you're paying for an americano (2.75) but with oat milk instead of free heated tap water. And the chocolate. I reckon £1.35 for a huge amount of oat milk is not totally unreasonable. So the final price of £4.10 doesn't seem crazy once you work it out in sections.

You're also paying for the convenience of someone making it, not really the ingredients. (Hence why a black tea will cost £2 despite being about 3p in ingredients)


Thedogscollar · 21/03/2021 17:31

Ridiculous price. Mark up is huge on coffee. Big rip off.


LAgeDeRaisin · 21/03/2021 17:33

If they charged £4.10 for a tea or for an americano I would think that was pretty steep


Cocomarine · 21/03/2021 17:35

It wasn’t too much much to put you off ordering, so I’d say they pitched it right to maximise their profit.


Tess3 · 21/03/2021 17:44

@Cocomarine the price wasn't actually displayed.

@LAgeDeRaisin yeah when its broken down like that makes sense still feels like I've been robbed tho 💰🤑

OP posts:

CaptainVanesHair · 21/03/2021 17:49

Coffee does have a huge markup because of overheads.

When I worked at a big chain, cost price of a shot of coffee was 3p. A small Americano was £1.80
Large coffees had three shots. A flat white was £2.40 (always a small).

So, for a specialist milk in a large, I actually think that’s pretty fair, especially when you factor in the hot chocolate too.

Large and small are better value - mediums are marked up higher because of their popularity.

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