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Working from workplace but wholly online

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Ulelia · 21/03/2021 16:41

I'm not currently in the UK as I work in the EU. Here, local regions are in different categories of risk - green, yellow, amber, red for example. The place where I work has just gone into red, which means residents have to stay inside except for essential trips, and all shops etc are closed except for essential services. You must have a signed declaration to leave your home or to enter or leave the zone. Where I live is green with only a curfew as restrictions. I can work well entirely online, and did so from March to November last year. This time though, the company is demanding that all employees come to work as normal, to carry out their work online. They have given us a certificate to show to police so we can enter the area, which basically say's that I am unable to do my job not in the workplace. But I can. Probably better, because at work the internet is poor and there's no quiet space to work in, we'll be sharing offices. I'm not asking for legal advice as I will get that locally tomorrow, but what would you do? I take the bus to work so will be coming into contact with others, but my workplace is COVID secure as far as is possible. I'm fully vaccinated, not all my colleagues are.
Yes - go to work as they ask, it's up to them.
No - it's stupid to travel in and out of a quarantine zone for this reason.

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