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To find another house....

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000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 16:33

Hi all,
I’m looking to purchase my first home 3 bed terrace close to amnesties etc. 15k deposit.
I’m Working in emergency services.
Found a place fell in love etc ...
Needs a little tlc but nothing a clean and paint wouldn’t sort.
Upon second viewing it came to light the loft had been used my the former tenants as a cannabis farm. Cannot find the electrics meter as possibly it’s been removed or bypassed to support the farm 🙄
I am worried about damp from the soil on the loft floor and also the fact the heating would have been on at 24 degrees; 20 out of 24 hours per day to cultivate plants.
There are not any properties in this area for the price I’m paying at this time but I need the place to be safe for my family
Please advise wise ones?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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AnathemaPulsifer · 21/03/2021 16:47

I’d be worried about rotted joists.


crankysaurus · 21/03/2021 16:51

It's the sort of thing you could specifically mention to the surveyor to check out. Would it be worth getting that commissioned so you know where you stand a bit better?


000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 16:58

Survey has been done.
Only the basic valuation.
I’m quite far into the sale about 6 weeks from completion.
I only found out about the marijuana farm as upon second viewing the paraphernalia had been ragged out of the loft and left on the landing 😢

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000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 16:58

There was no smell in the house or other evidence prior to this ...

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DragonLegs · 21/03/2021 17:00

I’d get a full survey


Mylovelyhorsee · 21/03/2021 17:01

Have you exchanged?


crimsonlake · 21/03/2021 17:01

Agree...get a full survey done for peace of mind.


luxxlisbon · 21/03/2021 17:03

A valuation isn't a survey, it is done by the bank for them to confirm value, it doesn't give you any security in terms of structural issues or damp etc with the home.


000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 17:03

No not exchanged

OP posts:

TillyTopper · 21/03/2021 17:06

I'd ask the original surveyor what s/he thought of the roof joists - because even with a basic survey they at least need to stick their head in the loft! Is the soil literally on the joists and rotting them which should be easy for you to see? or is it on plastic (I would think the latter) in which case once you have taken it all out it will dry out.


ThatOtherPoster · 21/03/2021 17:07

Just get a survey. It’ll be about £700-£900 for a full structural survey but it build save you tens of thousands later.

If anything bad is flagged up you could negotiate for a discount, or get indemnity insurance.


annie987 · 21/03/2021 17:07

It is unlikely that soil would have sat directly on the loft floor. More likely in compost type bags. Additional heating would have been rigged up in the loft so the central heating wouldn’t have been on high for sustained periods of time. (I don’t have a cannabis farm on my loft I promise!)
It wouldn’t put me off. I’d just insist an electric meter was installed prior to exchange.


Forevernamechange12333333 · 21/03/2021 17:08

I’d steer well away.... personally. The house will most likely be linked on systems to the old tenant... that in itself could cause unwanted visits from the emergency services looking for people etc.


PurBal · 21/03/2021 17:11

You need a survey! Both are conducted by a surveyor but a survey and a valuation are completely different things. Brother is a valuation surveyor but he wouldn't conduct a structural survey.


pilates · 21/03/2021 17:13

Get a home buyers survey if you’re worried


SimplyMarvellousDarrrrrrling · 21/03/2021 17:14

Get a full survey, better to pay out now than to find out the damage later
Then negotiate if you have to


nimbuscloud · 21/03/2021 17:50

This is the 3rd thread in a week about cannabis plants in attics 🌱
Did you ask the estate agent where the electricity meter is ??


000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 19:16

Yes they didn’t know they couldn’t locate it

OP posts:

Hankunamatata · 21/03/2021 19:37

You need a full structural survey. And details of where the meter is.


000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 19:44

So a more extensive one than the homebuyers survey ?

OP posts:

000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 19:52

I have personally not been up in the loft so cannot see where plants have been grown (on plastic or in bags etc) the estate agent said via telephone when i requested for info
“The farm hadn’t been around very long” which does make sense as there was NO indicative smell in the property.
To clarify, there was no evidence of a farm upon the first viewing . It was only on the second one where I wanted to measure up etc that the evidence of equipment was dumped (quite frantically it would seem) and plant removed
Estate agents obviously knew but let me offer market value anyway 😢🙄

OP posts:

sunshinesupermum · 21/03/2021 19:53

Most definitely more extensive than a homebuyers report which doesn't go into the detail you need. DO NOT EXCHANGE until you have the results of the survey and renegotiate the price if works have to be done. The seller must know where the electricity meter is!


Jillybons · 21/03/2021 19:58

Hi @000adviceplease this sucks but don’t throw good money after bad. A full structural survey needed and also an understanding of your legal position. No idea on this (hence the lawyer) but are you sure the house can’t be seized as a criminal location? Will this show up on future surveys I.e make it more difficult to sell on? No idea TBH but questions you need legal and structure advice on!


crankysaurus · 21/03/2021 21:46

Who are you buying off? Is it a landlord that's previously had dodgy tenants?

If you have any concerns about the electric meter or joists, have a chat with your solicitor. But you will find a building survey worth the money as you'll either be able to negotiate on price or walk away if there are problems, or have reassurance that's it's alright.


000adviceplease · 21/03/2021 22:01

Yes landlord who previously had dodgy tenants and just wants the house gone

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