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To not want to sell house to anyone in chain?

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Sp3849 · 21/03/2021 16:26

So we sold our house back Sept 10th 2020. That got dragged out and the chain ended up getting alot longer ( a chain of 8 and we were number 5) and more Complicated (side chain as one couple were separating) There was an issue with a house at the bottom and it was waiting for solar panels to be signed off by council. This was finally done in Feb 2021 and then the day before exchange the ftb of that house pulled out. We went back to market and sold again to a lady with a ftb below her so there was just them us and our vendor (chain of 4.) A week after accepting offer the ftb had mortgage declined and needed to sell their flat. (leasehold with council) We were told council has to again sign paperwork on this so we get our mortgage offer extended on our purchase as it was expiring end of march. Then we are advised by agent previous chain had reistablished and new ftb at bottom had bought old searches used same solicitors and surveys had been done. We should go back as we would be able to move in 3 weeks. If we didn't chain would collapse. So we did. We was supposed to exchange last Friday and day before ftb pulls out! Again! We have decided to remarket with a new agent. The other lady still wants to buy but I am worried about the flat and how long it will take to sort out. So We went up for sale yesterday and have 12 viewings booked in for this week already! My husband is adamant he doesn't want another chain. Our vendors are happy to wait for us so we are fortunate but have only given us 3 weeks to sell. Should we turn away a chain? Is it always messy?

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Smartiepants79 · 21/03/2021 16:34

How picky you can be about who buys your house depends on how many people want to buy your house.
You can choose not to sell to a buyer in a chain but you have to perhaps accept that you could be waiting longer to sell it.
Chains are not always awful of course. The last one I was involved in went like clockwork with no issues at all.


changingnames786 · 21/03/2021 16:34

You can be as picky as you like, there is a reason chain free buyers can negotiate more. Obviously bear in mind you might be waiting longer for a buyer and be willing to negotiate on price, but if you've already got that many viewings it sounds like you are in a good position. I keep hearing it's a seller's market atm.

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