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Want to move to a new area

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NoMoreZigAndSharko · 21/03/2021 09:06

We are considering moving away from our small, market town, which is just under an hour's commute from DH's work. We have lived here for 6 years.

One option is to move closer to DH's work, which is on the outskirts of West London. This would lead to more job opportunities for me as well, when I do go back to work, as London would be an easy commute. But we couldn't afford much space there. Our budget is around £500k.

The other idea is to move even further from his work, into the countryside, where we could probably afford a bit more space.

I like either idea. DH is less keen on living in or too near London, as he doesn't like it, although he works near there. I love it, but obviously won't make him live somewhere he doesn't like. He also doesn't like the idea of living in another flat as we did before, and chances are, it would be a flat with our budget. He likes the idea of moving to the country.

The other option is to stay where we are. The schools are really good here and not oversubscribed. Dc1 is in year 1 at primary school and dc2 is due to start preschool here. Dc1 likes school and it is an Ofsted outstanding one with a great reputation.

But, I really haven't been happy here since we arrived, as it is a small town where many people seem to have friends and family here already, because they grew up here. I am not from anywhere near here, (not even from England), and it's noticeable due to my accent etc. We have always lived in big cities or very near them until this move and I've never struggled to make friends or connect which people, but I've never felt entirely comfortable here. Neither DH nor I, have a single person here who we could call a friend. We have no family nearby either, so this means we are quite isolated. When he goes back to work in the office, I will be here on my own with not one person to interact with other than dcs. I don't like the lifestyle here. I see older kids just bored out of their minds, hanging out at the park looking. It is a town, so there isn't much by way of outdoor activities, but equally, there aren't museums or theatres or the huge range of things on offer in a big city. I appreciate the countryside might be boring for older children too, but if we could live somewhere with access to lots of outdoor activities, that might make up for the lack of cinemas, bowling alleys etc.

Sorry it has been a bit long winded! But should we do this or just live with it here? It isn't terrible. It's a safe area with good schools, but it isn't very 'us'. Is that good enough reason to uproot the whole family though 🤔?

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NoMoreZigAndSharko · 21/03/2021 10:16

Hopeful bump Smile

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CoRhona · 21/03/2021 10:22

I'd discount the London idea on 500k, you really won't get more than a flat.

If the kids you see now are bored, what makes you think moving to the countryside would change that? Surely it'd be even worse...


NoMoreZigAndSharko · 21/03/2021 10:41

Thanks @CoRhona (feels weird thanking corona Grin). I think that's right re London. There are small houses near DH work, which would be within out budget, but they would be very small and not what DH is after.

I think maybe countryside with access to another city or more interesting town, might be what we are looking for, for that reason. The town we are in is very vanilla.

I feel as if country kids have more access to outdoor activities than small town kids, as I said. So it would be a different lifestyle to city living, but think the extra space would mean they could do more in the garden or having friends over. Here, we have the worst of both worlds in my view! Small house, AND not much to do!

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