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Good place to Live near london- budget included

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AmyLou100 · 20/03/2021 18:54

Hi all, Dh and I are moving to london with DC (5, 2) and looking for an area to move to that suits our family needs.

Good independent schools
Commute to Canary Wharf
Diverse (no offense, we are non white and have had previous bad experiences)
Rental budget of 3500 pcm, could go a little higher

Areas of interest to us:

Richmond: There seems to be a few good independent schools in Kew. However , what is the commute like to Canary Wharf?
Have also read about plane noise, is it really that bad?
It seems like the area has a lovely vibe, lots to do.

Blackheath: Obviously much closer travel to work BUT i'm not sure if it is very 'villagey' (no offense meant).
There isn't a very wide options for independent schools it seems.

Any thoughts and advice will be very appreciated. We are not from the area or country even, so pretty clueless.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Sansaplans · 21/03/2021 09:08

West Hampstead. 14 minutes on the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf, and the area is lovely. Zone 2 but excellent travel links (underground, overground and Thameslink), close to green spaces, independent shops and cafes etc, also a cinema.

Eddielzzard · 21/03/2021 09:12

I lived in SW London and commuted to Canary Wharf for years. Absolutely don't do it. It might look like a quick journey on paper, but there are often problems and overcrowding. It is MISERABLE.

Definitely look at SE London like Blackheath and Greenwich, and also NW London close to the Jubilee line. At least you'll be able to get on the train before it totally fills up.

Fullofthejoysofspring · 21/03/2021 09:19

I live in Blackheath. DH commutes to Canary Wharf and I work in the City. There is a definite village feel and the area is diverse. There's 4 independent primary schools in central Blackheath, with Blackheath High, Colfe's and Eltham College nearby for seniors not to mention bus services directly to Dulwich College and JAGS etc.

The parks are beautiful here and we're within walking distance of both Greenwjch and Lewisham. I love it in Blackheath and have no intention of moving, ever.

yellowlorry123 · 21/03/2021 09:32

SE is more affordable than SW london and the commute probably quicker too

Canary Wharf is a nightmare to get to and from. There are two very overcrowded train lines ina and out and if the jubilee line goes down, you can be trapped on the island.

There are coach services in and out of CW from SE london and Kent which are cheaper and less stressful. Centaur commuter coach

Other places to consider are chislehurst and surrounding area ?

yellowlorry123 · 21/03/2021 09:39

Also, just to add, do not underestimate the length of time (pre covid) you spend queuing at waterloo or LB for the jubilee line. That can easy add 15 mins or more to your journey and you won't realise that from looking at journey planning websites

AmyLou100 · 22/03/2021 06:51

Thank you all SO much! I really appreciate the replies and advice. Dh and I have taken aboard all the points mentioned and didn't realise a few things about Richmond so that is definitely off our plans now. We have been looking at Blackheath /Hampstead heath. Both seem to be really nice and offer alot of what we want. I didn't realise the actual commute issue.
Does anyone know how diverse Hampstead area is?

OP posts:
Thisisworsethananticpated · 22/03/2021 06:57

For Canary Wharf target Greenwich or blackheath
Definitely not west London
No way , focus on commute

LaurieFairyCake · 22/03/2021 08:17

Hampstead is reasonably diverse (and lovely) - when I moved to London I was choosing between Hampstead and Blackheath

I bought in Blackheath because I could get somewhere much bigger for my money - I've not regretted it for one minute because of all the extra parks and green space - and crucially, the river - the river is AMAZING- provides perspective, lovely to walk/bike/run along - the Clipper service (boat) runs all
Over London - when I worked in Canary Wharf I went every way to work for fun - the clipper service takes you there from Greenwich, the foot tunnel takes you there, the DLR takes you there... just multiple ways to get to work

Hampstead has ONE lovely park - here in Blackheath there's a dozen within a couple of miles - and I'm biased but Greenwich park is better because of the river

wilbur · 22/03/2021 08:28

How about Streatham? Slowly gentrifying, lovely houses near the common but still lively and diverse, great mix of people, lots of community activity. 3 stations with options to get into central London and close to 3 Dulwich private schools plus Streatham and Clapham high for girls and various prep schools (not sure your kids’ age?). Lots of boys also commute from Streatham to Croydon private schools, Trinity and Whitgift, v easy on train.

debbrianna · 22/03/2021 11:24

Hamestead and belsize is amazing. Walkable distance to the heath, primrose Hill, regents Park, cannals, Camden and highgate. Swiss cottage is great too. Rental is similar in most places. Great schools around to choose from. Nw3 in general is a great place. When the train fails, it's easy to change at either King's Cross or Euston or Tottenham Court Road. Ten minute difference on the train.

debbrianna · 22/03/2021 11:26

Nw3, 1, 2, and 5 is very diverse. All similar train connections and type of people.

Waterdropsdown · 22/03/2021 11:35

I am really surprised by everyone saying Richmond to CW is a nightmare. I haven’t done it at all in past year but did it for a year before hand (well from Mortlake/Barnes) and it wasn’t that bad! Lived in East Dulwich for 6 years before and it only took me 10/15 mins longer from here.

MajesticWhine · 22/03/2021 14:01

Hampstead is reasonably diverse - as diverse as london is on average I think, although I would say it is definitely predominantly white. My guess is that SE london is more ethnically diverse. Hampstead is a very wealthy area and not very socially diverse.
You can look up the ethnic make up of different populations around london quite easily by googling stats about the borough. Hampstead is in the borough of Camden.

Scrumbleton · 22/03/2021 14:59

Another vote for Crystal Palace- good value, short commute to the Wharf, diverse, cool,lots of independent cafes, shops. Great views. Richmond and Thames Dutton are lovely but def not diverse, nor convenient.

Flowers024 · 22/03/2021 15:29

Hampstead is lovely but IMO not diverse - Richmond is more so. As other posters have said, Hampstead is a very wealthy area and consequently not socially diverse. Although I would say West Hampstead is more diverse than Hampstead itself, if that helps.

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