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It’s yet another song lyrics one!

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Frustratedflatmate · 20/03/2021 15:45

AIBU to ask for your help in identifying where these lyrics come from?

It’s a song with the lyrics ‘everything is falling into place’. I think it’s a dance music-type song, and the ‘everything is falling into place’ bit is sung by a female vocalist (or maybe more than one?)

I thought I knew, but actually have no clue - and was none the wiser even after some Google investigation.

I thought it must be in my recently played songs on Spotify, so have looked through them, but nothing is helping to jog my memory.

Would be very grateful for some help - thanks! 😊

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DinosaurDiana · 20/03/2021 15:47

Google the words with ‘lyrics’ and it should tell you.


Frustratedflatmate · 20/03/2021 15:53

Ahh I’ve found it - thank you! 😊 Looks like it’s Beautiful Girl by Junge Junge. Thanks! (And it turns out it wasn’t a female vocalist at all - oops! 😂)

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