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To ask you to help my boy???

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HarryHarryHarry · 20/03/2021 05:35

Please delete if not allowed.

My son will be 3 next month and he is OBSESSED with Peppa Pig. Specifically, with two characters: Grandad Dog and Dr Brown Bear. Now, I know they make playsets for each of these characters but I am struggling to locate the Grandad Dog one - the garage playset, not the tow truck. I have previously found one on eBay UK but it is missing some parts.

Has anybody seen it anywhere? Or know someone who is selling one? I don’t live in the UK (which is part of the reason I am finding it hard to locate this toy) but I can have my family there send it over to us if we find it!

MN has helped me find stuff like this in the past, I’m hoping you can work your magic again!

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CreosoteQueen · 20/03/2021 05:40

Oh sorry, misread and see that you don’t want the tow truck.


CreosoteQueen · 20/03/2021 05:41

Home bargains have it - it’s out of stock online but maybe a U.K. relative could check if they have a shop nearby?


HarryHarryHarry · 20/03/2021 07:29

I don’t think Home Bargains stocks it anymore.

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