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I need support

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Teenangels · 19/03/2021 19:39

I need some support.
I need the good, bad and the ugly.
I have found out I am pregnant think mid forties, youngest now being 14, this is completely unplanned, I have no idea how I become pregnant (I do know how) my ex partner and I split up, we were working at our relationship think seeing each other once a week, I am on the pill but had a sickness bug, how the hell did I get pregnant I thought I would be fine we did the deed once.
Am I being unreasonable to go through with this pregnancy of all is well, am I being selfish to my other children?
I can't believe this has happened. I am in shock.
I am scared about the implications of being an older mum and what this could mean for the baby.
I am not sure how to react I am going from happy to asking myself how this happened.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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MoonlightFlitwick · 19/03/2021 22:17

no experience so bumping for you to get support from others x

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