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Rude and nosey or reasonable?

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Iwishiwereheather · 19/03/2021 14:04

My partner is having his new house converted - he’s never lived, and lives either at mine or in his rented flat. Never met the neighbours aside from next door.

A woman who lives a few doors down came over and asked the contractor if she could have a look around at the work that’s been done (she’s never met my partner or me) and he said no as it’s not his house.

My partner then said if she asked again then she could - which she did and she looked around. If it were my house I would have likely said no and made excuses, as I think this behaviour is just cheeky.

Anyway fast forward to today and the contractor informed us that he was working in the front room and caught her coming round from the side of the house as he thinks she was trying to back through the back gate onto our garden.

Is this normal behaviour? My friend had renovation work done and had a neighbour ask her contractor to have a look without ever once talking to my friend. So seems this is maybe common.

I just think she’s stepped a line by again trying to access the property and trying the back gate as she knows the place is vacant.

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StillCoughingandLaughing · 19/03/2021 14:12

What’s she actually done wrong?


user1493413286 · 19/03/2021 14:14

Very odd; I’m very nosey but I wouldn’t ask to look round someone’s house.


SimplyMarvellousDarrrrrrling · 19/03/2021 14:15

its a bit odd , granted


ComtesseDeSpair · 19/03/2021 14:27

If I was a neighbour in a similar house thinking about having similar work done I might ask the owner if I could have a look at theirs to get a sense of what was possible. And I’d probably let a neighbour asking the same come in to my house.

Trying to sneak into the back garden, if that’s what she was doing, no. Intrusive and rude. Make sure the builder locks all gates and doors properly.


Iwishiwereheather · 19/03/2021 14:38

The gate has an issue and it’s been nailed shut and so it can’t be opened but you’d only know that if you tried.

That’s the only thing at the side of the house so she would have no other reason to be going down there as it’s a little alley (house is longer than it is wide) - it’s no where near her property and she wasn’t dropping off a parcel.

I just find it weird and intrusive that someone would find it ok to just brazenly walk into the property like that, presumably to look through the windows to see what’s changed.

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