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AIBU? think this man should get a very long Sentence?

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Voteinvain · 19/03/2021 12:54

Yet another appalling rape case. I’m hoping that he gets the sentence he deserves. WARNING: The link refers to a serial rapist and stalker in the Glasgow/West Scotland area and is disturbing from the headline onwards. I’m flagging it up because after watching Question Time last night, and seeing a very brave woman speak about her own ordeal at the hands of the justice system, there was consensus that these crimes need to be dealt with far more seriously. Sentences have been way too lenient, the treatment of victims appalling and the rates of conviction pathetic.

At least this person has been declared guilty of some of his crimes (was declared ‘not guilty’ for the incident that the headline refers to which I find staggering, but I wasn’t on the Jury and didn’t hear the evidence)

Let’s keep our eye on this and hopefully see the Scottish Justice System sentence this rapist accordingly.

Personally I don’t think he should ever be released.

(I’ve hopefully disabled Voting as I wanted this to be a discussion not just another poll)

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