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OH not getting DS ready until 15 mins before?!

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needaholidaynoww · 19/03/2021 12:05

I'm going to loose it I'm honestly sick to death of him and if I could have my career and look after my kids without him I would.

He sells things on eBay so is on his phone all day, DS starts nursery at 12:15 he started getting him and DS ready at 12:00 he rushes so much always ends in shouting and crying.

I've really had enough of him I just want rid but it means giving up my new job that I've just got and love and I'm not ready to. I'm thinking I will have to stick it out for a couple of years and wait until the kids start school.

OP posts:

CatherineofOnandon · 19/03/2021 16:14

This would annoy me too. Clearly there is more going on here . Without being too outing, what is yr job? What are yr hours? How old is DS? The there is always a way OP if you want to end the relationship.

Hopefully others will be able to give you some practical advice when more details are known. You may be entitled to financial help with childcare and housing etc enabling you to keep yr job and rebuild yr life.


BusyLizzie61 · 19/03/2021 20:16

Irritating, but on its own hardly worth breaking a family up over.


Bluecomfort · 19/03/2021 20:28

My oh was like this when getting dd ready for nursery in the morning. We nearly did break up over it, as quite frankly I consider it child abuse to sit on your arse for an hour on your phone and then scream at a 3 year old child until she’s in hysterics because you’ve left it until the last minute to get her fed, washed and dressed for school. I’d feel sick with stress after watching him march her out the door sobbing imagining how terrible she must be feeling.


RandomMess · 19/03/2021 20:29

Is he dropping them off or you?


UserTwice · 19/03/2021 20:42

Does DH drop DS off at nursery? If so, just leave him to it.


bobsandbits · 19/03/2021 21:09

He shouldn't be ignoring not interacting with his child. That's not parenting.


BusBuster · 20/03/2021 07:52

Lazy fucker. Mine did this of he ever has to do the morning routine. He'll happily do fuck all. Our child then goes to school upset, a crap lunchbox, no water bottle etc.

I've said before, you don't get to just sit on your fat arse then scream at kids when they're not ready.

Children need more than 15mins to get ready.

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