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PFB or right to be annoyed?

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ELF1981 · 07/11/2007 19:57

A while ago I had DD's feet measured at Clarks within Mothercare. She was measured as a 5.5 in one foot, and a 6 in the other. So we brought the 6.

A few weeks later, I took her to get measured at Clarks in town, they measured her at 5.5 in both feet.

Last week, I had her measured at Clarks in Mothercare again and they measured her at 6.5 so I got her a new pair of shoes.

She is walking out of the shoes, and today she fell over while falling out the shoe and has badly grazed her knees.

I have measured her feet today, they are 13cm, and the shoes come up at 16cm.

Surely that is too much of a difference and they cannot have measured her feet correctly AGAIN.

What do you think? I want to take the shoes back and complain but I dont know if that is an average difference between foot and shoe size!

OP posts:

edam · 07/11/2007 19:59

Children's shoes are supposed to have room for growth in them, so they may well be the right size.


macdoodle · 07/11/2007 19:59

Take them back my experience at Clarks is excellent - I recently bought my DD age 6 a pair of those ridiculous shoes for school with toys in the heels....after 2 wears she refused to wear them saying they were uncomfortable as she could feel the lump in the heel....took them back and they gave me full refund without quibble ....


Doubletop · 07/11/2007 20:00

Take them back. They have made a mistake.

Shoes are no different to anything else you buy, they are not 'as described', or 'fit for purpose'.

Its not like you have just changed your mind, you bought them in good faith and they are wrong.


SoupDragon · 07/11/2007 20:01

Did you measure the inside of the shoe?

There should be (IIRC) about a thumbswidth of growth room. What the average thumb is I couldn't say.

I agree that Clarks are pretty good about taking things back if you go in and have them checked.


ELF1981 · 07/11/2007 20:11

Yes, measured inside the shoe.

I am just annoyed as I stupidly went back to the one in Mothercare where I'd already had problems.

Plus I have lost the receipt

I will take her to the one back in town on Sat and get her re-measured. If they say still 5.5 they will hopefully refund me; if they say 6.5, I'll just have to sort out why DD cant walk in them! (They are the same style as before)

OP posts:

SoupDragon · 07/11/2007 20:12

I didn't have a receipt. How did you pay? I took my credit card statement with me in case they asked but they really weren't bothered.


ELF1981 · 07/11/2007 20:18

I paid on credit card, should get my statement before Sat though, so could pop that in my bag.


OP posts:

Furball · 07/11/2007 20:22

I took ds' shoes back to clarks, 3 months after I'd bought them cos of a lumpy uncomfy inside heel that ds had started complaining about. I had no receipt and they had not been polished in that time. they gave me my money back absolutely no questions.

If I were you, I would take them back, they are not right.


ELF1981 · 07/11/2007 20:27

DH thought we could keep them as she will grow into them, but I always buy clarks esp for width, so she may be a 6.5 soon, but not an F, so I wouldn't want to waste £26!!

OP posts:

worzsel · 07/11/2007 20:30

we had this problem, a guy in clarks measured dds feet as a 8 fitted her some shoes which he said were fine, she didnt leave the shop with them on and when we tried them on at home they were slopping about alover the place, we went back and got a refund though no problem.

Clarks is good aslong as you dont get the traineee


ELF1981 · 07/11/2007 20:32

That'll teach me for going in on a Sunday

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