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To think that my son teacher should make him wear his hearing aids

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Reallytired · 05/11/2007 22:32

Last year my son was very good about wearing his hearing aids. He has discovered that his new teacher is soft and that he can get away with taking out his hearing aids and putting them in his book bag.

I think he should be allowed to take his hearing aids out at break or lunch time, but he should wear them for lessons. He is quite good at putting them in his ears.

His teacher complained at parents' evening that my son doesn't listen. Its no wonder when the silly boy doesn't wear his hearing aids!

OP posts:

Alambil · 05/11/2007 22:36

I assume the teacher knows he has hearing aids?

If she does; yes, she should encourage him to wear them. Seems odd that they made comments but haven't done something themselves to sort it.


Reallytired · 05/11/2007 22:42

He is sent to school every day wearing bright blue hearing aids. He is in year 1 and has had worn the hearing aids for a year. The school do know.

The little monkey knows that he can get away with taking his hearing aids out. Its a discipline issue.

I think that his teacher should force him to wear his hearing aids for spelling tests, but let him choose for PE, lunch time or any non academic subjects.

OP posts:

beeper · 05/11/2007 22:54

What can the teacher really do, they are not allowed to touch children anymore and if they punish him for not wearing it he will get bad associations.. If he can keep taking them out at different times of the day then I am not suprised that he is maybe confused or thinks that it's up to him. Maybe he needs a more one to one eduction.


KerryMumKABOOM · 05/11/2007 22:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

inthegutter · 05/11/2007 23:08

Tricky one. It seems straightforward doesn't it - put them in for when he really needs them, leave them out for when he doesn't. But if your son is determined to be uncooperative, what can the teacher really do? She can't physically put them in if he resists - she would be hauled over the coals.Making a big deal of it and repeatedly telling him to put them in could be construed as drawing attention to his disability, and would be a big no-no. You also need to consider the time taken to get your son to do as he's told - those minutes all add up and detract from the teachers job of teaching the whole class. Sorry if that sounds tough, but you said yourself it's a discipline issue. Is there maybe some reward system you could implement at home if he chooses to cooperate in school?

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